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I’ll be kicked out of the APC in Kano, says Bashir Ahmad

Bashir Ahmad then complained on Facebook that he was likely to be fired from the APC but was too terrified to tweet about it. Why?

Jungle don dey develop in a sincere way. If you’re aware, smile


In Kano, I’ll be kicked out of the APC.


God’s will; I just learned that the Gaya local government had a meeting this morning with those who had water and lions to send the party leaders in my constituency to expel me from our party, the APC. Hilarious!


Oh, what did I do wrong?


The only issue here is that as if any party member understands what he’s doing, I’m not a member of the APC, eyes closed, and I know all of the party’s rights belong to me as well. contained in the party’s constitution.


I’d be happy to be fired if I offended somebody enough to warrant it.

I went to watch the World Cup in Qatar before – after seeing some tweets about individuals urging the party to punish me since I declined to attend the Governor’s election in Gaya.


despite the fact that we lost the contest. (It was a travel on business.)

As a Nigerian, I have the right to go to K otu is following the right if it is because of the case I entered, that I am contesting the election of the Senate assembly candidate, and I will reiterate my prior statement, “I will not withdraw my case in court.” Every time I don’t agree with a choice or interaction, which is everyone’s right under the constitution, and if doing so would get me expelled from a party, then I’m certain it’s not because of money. In the name of God, the APC system for our party was not located.


I won’t talk for too long right now; instead, I’ll wait until I have my license in my possession before I can back up my claims with evidence.


Finally, we have a strong position within the APC party, particularly at the national level. Even tonight, we met with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s campaign directors, and tomorrow, with God’s grace, we will travel to Bayelsa state for the war. Bayelsa state will hold the Eman election for the war. We will be in London the following week as part of the Tinubu/Shettima journey for the Eman election.

May God keep defending our honor!

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