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To remove Obi, Soludo is receiving sponsorship.

The governor of Anambra State, Professor Chukwuma Soludo, is allegedly receiving funding from unidentified sources in a bid to undermine support for the Labour Party (LP) in the South-east, according to the LP.

The party advised Soludo to concentrate on his role as a leader and to hold back from saying anything that would put him or the state in peril.


Soludo recently made predictions that Mr. Peter Obi will lose the 2023 election, to which Yunusa Tanko, the leader of the Labour Party’s presidential campaign, reacted.


Obi might, at most, finish third in the election, according to Soludo. He gave samples of what to anticipate in the polls from the LP’s bad performance in the gubernatorial elections in Osun and Ekiti.


Soludo said that he would not yield to the intimidation of Obi’s supporters who had lately surrounded him for bringing up problems in the state.


The former CBN governor had also come under heavy fire for disparaging Obi’s investment in the state during a televised interview, which had lasted for over a week.


Tanko responded to this by saying: “We want to think that Soludo is being sponsored to attack our base in the southeast because, in the first place, we have no connection to Soludo. So why did he choose to criticize our principal?


We believe that their attempt to undermine us from our foundation is part of a larger strategy. However, the reality is that they are increasing our popularity. Even in the case of assaults, it is the populace that reacts. As a governor, Soludo is just getting started, therefore we want to encourage him to focus on the future rather than the present.


“He hasn’t taken any action yet. He hasn’t even built a block yet, yet despite this, he is putting the residents of Anambra State in peril. He ought to be aware enough to understand the risks he is posing to himself and the Anambra people.


He could be sponsored from any angle, the spokeswoman said when asked to name those allegedly funding Soludo. We can’t say for sure, but it’s obvious from the fact that he’s attacking Obi rather than dealing with governance.

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