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Deal with the fact that your career is ending.

Cristiano Ronaldo has been advised to “get counseling” to cope with criticism by former Arsenal winger Ian Wright.

The Portuguese international has fought with several Manchester United legends and ex-coworkers before to this.


Recently, Ronaldo attacked Wayne Rooney and Gary Neville, two legends of Old Trafford.


The Portuguese striker said he does not understand why his former teammates are so determined to criticize him constantly and added that it is difficult to deal with such criticisms.


Legend of the Premier League, Wright, too thinks the Portugal international’s actions have been “petty.”


Given all that the Portuguese have accomplished in football, Wright thought it was sad that he couldn’t take criticism.


He added that the 37-year-old is having a hard time accepting the end of his professional career.


You wonder, “Is that it?,” because he wasn’t able to deal with his career ending. It happens to all of us; it happened to me.


He is not used to hearing negative, but it is now. It must be challenging for him, and he could require counseling for it.


Regarding Ronaldo’s selection to ignore Neville and Carragher, Wright continued:


“That seems trivial to me. I found it quite unsettling to see what he did to Jamie Carragher.


Wright continued, “It’s petty because Gary Neville has always stood by Ronaldo. Why would the Portugal captain continue to criticize Nevile when he has always been on his side?”

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