Cristiano Ronaldo Slams Manchester United: “I Feel Betrayed”

Cristiano Ronaldo claims that Manchester United has “betrayed” him and that he is being ejected from the team.

In August, Ronaldo made a commitment to share his perspective on life at Old Trafford after failing to move on from Manchester United to a team competing in the Champions League as he had intended.


The seasoned Portuguese has now spoken up in a lengthy interview with Piers Morgan on TalkTV.


An answer to Ronaldo’s allegations has been requested from Manchester United.


In manager Ten Hag’s first season in command, United, who defeated Fulham 2-1 on Sunday, are sixth in the Premier League.



When questioned whether United’s leadership was attempting to get him to leave the team, Ronaldo responded:


“Yes, there are a few other men around the club as well, in addition to the coach [Erik ten Hag]. I felt cheated.


The 37-year-old said when asked again whether top club administrators were attempting to remove him:


I could care less. The truth should be heard by everyone.


“Yes, I felt deceived, and not just this year, but last year too, I felt like certain people didn’t want me here.”

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