Nasarawa Governor: “My Son’s Death Is A Test From God”

Abdullahi Sule, the governor of Nasarawa State, has said that the death of his son Hassan, 36, was a test from God.

The governor made this statement on Friday when he accepted condolences at his father’s palace in Akwanga LGA, the Sarkin Gudi, HRH Alhaji Sule Bawa.


He said that based on the lessons he had learned from the Holy Qu’ran, God had vowed to put every believer’s faith to the test, adding, “This is my time to be tried.”


I regard this as a test from God, he added. God wanted to test me today to see whether I was honest in comforting the man who lost his 9 children and 70 cows yesterday. I was the one who was comforting him.


He characterized his late son as a composed, orderly, and submissive young man who treated his siblings fairly and with respect.


“He grew up dragging his siblings behind him. Only God has the authority to remove him. He was in charge of making judgments about our companies. He is constantly there to give me advise on what to do next, claiming that my schedule will prevent me from operating a company.


God removed him to put my fortitude and faith to the test. God didn’t ask my opinion before giving Hassan to me, and he won’t ask it again before taking him away, the Governor said.


On Thursday night, Hassan passed away after a short illness. On Friday, he was buried at Gudi, the state’s Akwanga Local Government Area.


The dead, who wed in June of last year, was Silifat, Sule’s first wife, and Sule’s oldest son.

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