Diri Salutes The Bayelsa Flood Victims And Gives Them An Award

The governor of Bayelsa State, Douye Diri, praised the state’s residents for their tenacity and dedicated his 2022 Governor of the Year Award from Sun Newspapers to the region’s flood victims.


On Saturday night, immediately after receiving the honor, Diri gave a speech in Lagos during which he expressed his joy at the state’s residents’ ability to overcome the disaster’s problems.


According to a statement by his chief press secretary, Mr. Daniel Alabrah, the governor also thanked the public for their support of his government and said he will work harder as a result of the honor.


In addition, Diri praised the state legislature and judiciary for the collaboration between the three branches of government, saying it had tremendously aided the accomplishments of his administration.


He cited the current level of peace and unity as one of his administration’s accomplishments and emphasized the necessity for the people to keep up the pace since that was the only way Bayelsa could advance.


“This is more about the people of Bayelsa State,” he said. Whatever honor we are given tonight is on behalf of the state’s very supportive citizens.


Additionally, the cooperation of the three branches of the government has enabled us to accomplish the results we see today. We praise God for all of this.

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