Pastor Giwa’s assessment on the new naira notes: “It Looks Fake.”

Adewale Giwa, senior pastor of the ministry Awaiting The Second Coming of Christ, has criticized the appearance of the new naira notes.

The cleric called the action “brainless,” and he added that the notes “look fake and ugly.”


The Central Bank of Nigeria’s newly designed banknotes were unveiled by President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday.


According to Pastor Giwa, a nation can be judged by the caliber of its currency.


“The new N500 is the same color as the old N200, whereas the new N500 is the same color as the N10.


“I’m not sure yet whether the new naira notes will raise the value of our money.


“Can the price of garri, rice, or beans be reduced?”




His words posed a query.



Giwa referred to the redesign as yet another failed project by the APC.


Since 2015, he claimed, the government has “put Nigeria in a state of confusion and unprecedented hardship.”


No one takes something with deceit and lies “and expects to succeed,” the cleric continued.

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