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5 Reasons Why Schooling May Never Make You Rich

Are you even sure you have what it takes to be a wealthy entrepreneur?



Well, you may never become rich if you fall into these five victim categories in school. Even till now, it’s still popular that “Education is the best legacy“.




Unfortunately, majority still mistake schooling with education. What if I tell you a great way on how to become rich as an entrepreneur is to avoid the surge school might cause in the time for schooling?



As you are now, I bet if you ask an average parent what it means to give a child a sound education, the first thought that comes to mind is schooling. I’m sure they think that’s the greatest way on how to become rich as an entrepreneur.


But you may know that just a tip of an iceberg is schooling in education. That’s not where I’m going.

John Dewey, an American philosopher once mentioned that “Education is a social process; education is growth; Education is not a preparation for life

but is life itself”. But you and I were once oriented to imagine the picture of a school.



Well, as school may not be left out, so must you and I know that school has limitations and might still go a long way in destroying our aims to be a successful entrepreneur. How to become rich as an entrepreneur is soft.



You may get a coffee (I really enjoy coffee while blogging) or a cool place to digest this life-changing analogy you are about to go through.

Pen some down, assimilate, then keep at the back of your mind that you avoid these havoc school will cause in the life of an entrepreneur if care is not taken.



Before I approach the first point, know that even if you were given admission to study in your passionate area of interest, this doesn’t stops the negative effect on you.

Especially if you school in one of many schools in a country like Nigeria.


Table of Content

1 School Trains You to be Lazy

2 School Wastes Your Time

3 School Pressurizes(Force) You

4 School Educates You to Work for Money

5 School Won’t Unleash the Creativity in You

6 Conclusion



School Trains You to be Lazy



Sounds incredible to you? Yes. Now look at this: when lecturers lecture in class, according to popular beliefs, you are expected to jot down cogent points. I can assure you that a few percent of the whole students get back to the hostel and revise.


You know why?


The whole day was used for lectures. And how do you expect a jovial character person to read in the evening/night? When that is the only time to explode the bomb burning inside of him.

Would you tell me that after these stresses, many students would study in the midnight?


Besides, I can assure you that school trains most students in disguise. The end result mostly leads to most students’ laziness. Because gradually as this repeats itself day-by-day, laziness erupts. And you still wonder why few are scholars in a typical class?


Moreso, as an entrepreneur in school, the only way to get out of this error is to re-schedule your time and mind your own business as Robert Kiyosaki would say under this topic on how to become rich as an entrepreneur.

Imagine I have 24 hours in a day, at most, it’s recommended I sleep for 6 hours.


Then you can’t use more than 10 hours in school (at most). Split the rest 8 hours for study, fun and minding your business… Every single day.

Consequently, if you end up lazy as school will teach you (involuntarily), you might develop it to a character and character affects your business.


School Wastes Your Time


Yes. If you are not careful, before you finish, you’d look back and feel guilty of why you couldn’t produce something worthwhile.

I’m telling you that years run in a matter of seconds. And semesters count with the high chance you forget over 62% of the things you were tought in your first 2 years. To be successful as an entrepreneur, you need to consider buying time.



Have you ever wondered why skilled wealthy entrepreneurs hire another experts to take their place in an area? And in this area, they are skilled. It’s because of time. You understand time is not on our both sides and school wastes a lot of time.


You as an entrepreneur who values success in whatever you invest in must be wise in setting priorities for courses. Time is essential and I can assure that if you arrange your daily 24/7, you’ll see success in no much time. Many courses you study are useless.



I understand that the only problem is that you won’t graduate if you don’t pass them. I don’t want that but what I’m saying is – put your mind on your business and read to pass such useless courses.


Besides, you mustn’t say that since you are in school, there is time of everything (i.e. the time for play and the time for study).

See! there’s no time for anything. You must create the time. School will not only discourage you to create the time but also wastes it for you – if you are not sensitive.




School Pressurizes(Force) You



I’m sure you are familiar with the concept of attaining First Class‘s competitions in class.



Remember that resuming Freshers are oriented to chase first class and best the whole rest. Well, I’ll tell you that as much as this mentality is great, it incurs force on what doesn’t worth it.



Nevertheless, I don’t discourage first class. But as long as self-discovery is not taught as a course, the force to leave the aspect of self-discovery which will innately train you to be wealthy is forced out.


You know why?

Such a convinced fresher will be totally focused on the emotional force and belief that if he makes first class great, if he doesn’t, he relents. Even if he doesn’t relent, there’s an unnecessary force pushing him.


This force disallows him to think as an independent individual who can solve solutions with his abilities.

Moreover, school can affect you as an entrepreneur if you nurse this force mentality, and you will never be effective in your business, because you are not minding your business.



School Educates You to Work for Money


What if I tell you that permanently working under a boss or an organization will make you dependent throughout the rest of your life?



Fine. if you get a salary of $10,000, it might seem huge to you until you realise it’s not enough when you involuntarily improve your standard of living. You become a victim because you expect the control of money month by month.


Apart from the fact the organization you work for might close down, you might be deprived of pay or get a half-salary pay. You won’t have where to run to. Insurance and mutual foundation schemes might save you a bit as financial security but you will never escape the rat race.



School teaches you how to get a nice job. But not how to make money solving problem. Unfortunately, you’ll have a maximum of maybe 8 weeks to have fun in a year. It might even be a bit more.



But is it ever like:

*you earning money while sleeping?

*you traveling for fun for six months to your favorite trips?

*you controlling time as you like?

creating job employments?

having posterity benefits of your children’s chance to take over?


Try to remember the definition of independence. You enjoy a full financial independence when you make money work for you.




Do you remember money is powerful? As a student who seeks how to be rich as an entrepreneur, be sure to study and get your files with good grades but make sure you don’t fall into this education set by school,which makes you work for more and not make money work for you.




Before I move on, understand that the only way to be financially independent is to make money work for you. The only thing that will still make you work for money is fear and desire and that is a bait money uses to catch you and make you a slave to it. If you want how to become rich as an entrepreneur, be sure to clear that.



Meanwhile, two things that make you work for money – as school teaches – are desire and fear. Do know that money is very powerful and it can enslave you.



School Won’t Unleash the Creativity in You


You know it’s not a news again that you have a creative thing inside of you that will make you the most wealthy in this world.



Although, school may assist you with few teachings on it but will never inspire you to unleash the creativity inside of you. As an entrepreneur, know that the ability to think outside the box is still a key to being wealthy.

Do know for sure that it might be hard thinking but it is so harder when school joins. I’m not saying you should stop schooling. I’m only saying that you should mind how you respond to school’s handle and schedule.



You will not be able to create a greater capacity for yourself as an entrepreneur in school if everything you only think about is how to pass. Creativity is not making an A. That checks greatly on how to become rich as an entrepreneur.



Creativity is plotting to make the student with an A work with his intelligence with your business and help your business provide solutions to the starving crowd in your business niche.






On how to become rich as an entrepreneur, you must strategize your schedules and never follow the crowd into mistakes and errors in school.

Kindly comment below on your view on how to become rich as an entrepreneur, share and take action if you’re still in school.

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