6 Disadvantages Of Going To A Private University

While there are some Nigerian guys who are actually excited about the idea of attending a private university after their secondary schools, there are even more than thrice the number who don’t wish to, especially those who come from well-to-do families whose parents are always intoxicated with the proposed or assumed good morals and high quality of education their children will benefit from these private institutions.


Not to lie or hide it, private universities do have some good advantages like the absense of the very familiar strike in the federal and state universities and the quicker and better access to lectures but honestly that’s all they can boast of. Forget their forming and poshy lifestyles. Many of them wish they were in federal and public universities. Lol.


I had an encounter with a girl from Madonna university and she confirmed she wished she was in Imo State University as her school was worse than a nursery school in the ways they were being treated.


Going to a federal or state university gives you the exposure you need in life and not being confined like someone in a prison or a food warming in the microwave. You learn the ethics and orientations of the real world and you are braced to face life because you have seen it all.


You gain wisdom outside the school lecture halls and your system becomes automatically adapted to the real life hustles and struggles unlike some over pampered babies in the private institutions who can’t face the real world when they graduate.


Graduating from a public institution gives you a psychological balance and charges your mental ability to scale through difficult times.


Enough of the talk. Let’s roll straight to the point. Here are six reasons private universities don’t suit a typical Nigerian in this our kind of bad economy and government no matter how rich your parents are. C’mon, forget the money, you need to experience life in the public institutions and your life will never remain the same.


Freedom and Independence: You don’t wanna be confined in a place like a baby or someone in prison or a food warming in a microwave. You need space, you need freedom, you need to explore more, you need to move out and experience some things. Unfortunately, going to private universities, especially those owned by the churches won’t help you achieve this and I know deep down your heart, you wouldn’t like this to be your case. You also need to wear that favorite dress you like and you can only do this in a public university. In private universities, you live the normal routine of a bank staff – everyday corporate. Lol.


Cost of Education: Private universities pay exorbitant school fees as if they even learn anything. What has a student from a private university in Nigeria invented or accomplished after all the school fees? Not just about fees, cost of living in private universities are way too high unlike in the public universities where you can cook your own food, go to the market and buy foodstuffs at cheaper prices. Don’t you think you are too old to be fed like a baby in the private university?


Exposure: In a public university, you literally meet life and life meets you. You see it all. But in a private university, you graduate and still haven’t met a quarter of life let alone life meeting you.


Life on and off campus is everything: Like it sounds, it’s just it. Campus life is sweet – on and off it. That’s the kind of fun you will only experience in a public university. No wonder when students in private universities are on break, they want to do all the bad things and have all the fun at once before going back to school. They know they are in prisons and not school. Lol.


Maturity: When you graduate from a public university, you automatically become an adult because the school system has shaped you to be. But when you graduate from a private university, you start life afresh like a new born baby.


Hard Work: Public university will teach you that hard work is compulsory and you will see it with your two eyes. Students in privates schools are still being pampered like nursery school students.

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