Driver ‘Rams Israeli Checkpoint’ As Deadly Violence Engulfs The West Bank( Pics)

Driver ‘rams Israeli checkpoint’ as deadly violence engulfs the West Bank leaving ten dead after Gaza bomb blitz


A DRIVER tried to “ram his car into an Israeli checkpoint” as a new wave of violence engulfed the West Bank leaving ten dead.


The fighting has escalated following the bombardment of Gaza as the region was hit with 1,000 missiles.


According to Palestinian officials, at least ten people were killed and hundreds were injured, with the majority of the casualties being shot by live ammunition.


A man who rammed his car into a military post was killed after attempting to stab a soldier while a number of protesters were killed after throwing stones at troops.



The Palestinian health ministry said another man was shot in the head in the West Bank town of al-Rihiya.


Dr Mustafa Barghouti, an independent Palestinian politician, told Sky News 60 protests were organised across the West Bank today.


He added this week’s fighting is a “really unprecedented uprising” and said those killed were “just participating in protest and demonstrations”.


Meanwhile, protests broke out at the Jordanian and Lebanese borders with Israel, in support of the Palestinians.



It comes as Israel unleashed a heavy barrage of artillery fire and airstrikes, today.


Around 1,500 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israeli cities since hostilities escalated between Hamas and Israel earlier in the week, Israel’s army said.


Previously Israel used a fake tweet of a ground invasion in Gaza to trick Hamas fanatics into fleeing inside their network of tunnels reports claim.


Last night the IDF sparked confusion by saying soldiers on the ground had entered the Palestinian enclave – as its fighter jets continued to hit targets belonging to militants.


The force tweeted: “IDF air and ground troops are currently attacking in the Gaza Strip.”


However, shortly afterwards the IDF said no ground troops had crossed into the Gaza Strip.


It added: “Clarification: There are currently no IDF ground troops inside the Gaza Strip.


“IDF air and ground forces are carrying out strikes on targets in the Gaza Strip.”


Reports in Israel claim the move was a planned trick to destroy the network of Hamas tunnels.


Gaza’s Health Ministry said the death toll has climbed to 119 Palestinians, including 27 children, with 600 people wounded.


The Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups have confirmed 20 deaths in their ranks, though Israel says that number is much higher.


The violence has escalated into an even bloodier conflict than the 50-day war in 2014.


Mourners at the funeral of five-year-old Ido Avigal killed by rocket fire in Israel were forced to take cover today as Hamas launched rockets toward the cemetery.


Despite international calls for a cease-fire, violence in Israel continues to intensify.

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