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Mother disciplines her teen son for leaving home to learn ‘Yahoo’ (video)


A Nigerian mother punishes her teenage son who left home at 6 am and returned at 8 pm after learning that he plans to engage in Internet fraud, known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo,’ just to earn money and buy a big phone.


In the video, the boy can be seen serving punishment while sweating profusely.


The media user who posted the clip added that the boy left the house as early as 6 am and returned at 8 pm.


The statement by OFFICIAL GANNI: “That boy left home at 6:00 in the morning, and he came back tonight at 8:00.”


Meanwhile, the voice of a woman believed to be his mother could be heard revealing that the boy is being punished over attempts to engage in internet fraud.


Her statement, which has been translated to English, reads: “He wants to do Yahoo. I heard he found someone who will teach him. He was told that it would cost something, and he said he doesn’t care whatever needs to be done; he wants to have money. He wants to buy a big phone and bring it home.”


She said all this while a man believed to be the father and husband stood nearby to hear the mother out.



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