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You cannot perform like Arteta has for Arsenal.

Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte has come under fire from Liverpool star Jamie Carragher, who called him “impatient.”

Mikel Arteta has performed well for Arsenal, according to Carragher, who also said Antonio Conte lost his mind at a news conference.


Conte is regarded as one of the top managers in the game. In his managing career, he has won four Serie A championships and one English Premier League trophy.


Meanwhile, Arteta has yet to prove himself successful in the managing game.


While Conte was a fantastic manager, according to Carragher, he lacked the perseverance necessary to assemble a group like Arteta.


“I don’t believe Conte could construct it nearly year after year and become better as Klopp has,”


said Carragher.


Conte is eager and wants the victory immediately. He loses his cool at news conferences because of this.


I don’t believe Antonio Conte has ever been involved in a project. It is not a critique, either. He is just concerned about winning now and not even with future.

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