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Inter Milan Sought To Recruit Lionel Messi, According To Javier Zanetti.

When the World Cup champion departed Barcelona, the Serie A team’s vice president claimed that they were unable to give a substantial contract.


When Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona split in the summer of 2021, many people were shocked, and numerous clubs pushed to recruit the World Cup-winning captain of Argentina. Inter Milan was one of the teams, and Javier Zanetti, their vice-president, spoke about what transpired when the 35-year-old became a free agent.


Messi spoke with Zanetti.

While trying to entice Messi to Serie A using their friendship, Zanetti was aware that they couldn’t match Paris Saint-offer. Germain’s The striker was spoken to by Inter’s vice president, but ultimately the Nerazzurri lacked the funds to bring him to Italy.


In an interview with DAZN, Zanetti said, “We talked to Messi because of the connection we had when there was this potential that he might leave Barcelona.” “I never would have anticipated his goodbye to Barcelona. From an economic standpoint, though, we simply cannot compete with groups like [Manchester] City or Paris Saint-Germain.


Messi signed a two-year contract with PSG with a 12-month extension option after leaving the Camp Nou in tears, and he has shown that he is still capable of competing at the best level. After adjusting to Ligue 1 for a year, he has transformed into the team’s heart and soul, and they are striving to win their first Champions League in his second season.

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