The Brilliant Tomislav Ivić

There are many football coaches that guide their teams into incredible titles. However, a smaller number of them are credited with bringing a revolution to the sport. The excellent active betting sites in Kenya – awaits punters who want to place their wagers on the best teams coached by the best managers.


When thinking about excellent coaches, some names that usually come are Johan Cruyff, Arrigo Sacchi or César Luis Menotti. However, another highly influential manager was Croatian Tomislav Ivić. In fact, according to some experts, he is the most successful coach in the history of the sport. This is mostly related to the fact that he won eight different titles in six different nations. The 1xBet Kenya platform are active betting sites that are packed with wagering opportunities, which can also be used to in Croatian football.


Lots Of Countries


Ivić was also a midfielder who played between 1953 and 1963 in RNK Split and Hajduk Split from his native Croatia. However, he later had an incredible coaching career that lasted between 1967 and 2004. He was the head manager of numerous squads, and 1xBet offers profitable live betting on all of them. Some examples include:


  1. The Yugoslavian national team;
  2. Ajax;
  3. Paris Saint-Germain;
  4. Porto;
  5. Atlético Madrid.


He won titles in Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Belgium, France and many other nations. All of this makes him one of the most influential managers in the history of the sport. Currently, the website 1xBet offers profitable pre-match and live betting options on different clubs in all those countries.

Historic Performances

Tomislav Ivić never won the European Cup. However, he still allowed some of his teams to reach historical stages. This was the case with Hajduk Split, which at the time was a minor team at the European Stage. In 1976 and 1980 he did the seemingly impossible by taking the Croatian team to the quarter-finals of the championship. It is possible to spend time on the 1xBet website – live betting football can be made on the best European football competitions.


In 1982, he took Belgian team Anderlecht to the semi-finals, which also was something that the squad had never done before.

Yet, Ivić’s best performances at European level were with Portuguese squad Porto. He guided the team to a continental and a world title during 1987. They were the European Super Cup and also the Intercontinental Cup respectively, for this reason, he is still dearly remembered by fans even today. Some great pre-match and live football betting chances are available on the 1xBet website, which also has all Porto matches.



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