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BREAKING: Multiple deaths in shootings at 2 New Zealand mosques

Multiple people were killed in mass shootings at two mosques full of people attending Friday prayers, as New Zealand police warned people to stay indoors as they tried to determine if more than one gunman was involved.


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern described it as “one of New Zealand’s darkest days” and said the events in the city of Christchurch represented “an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence.”


One person was taken into custody but it was unclear if there were other people involved, Police Commissioner Mike Bush said. He said anybody who was thinking of going to a mosque anywhere in New Zealand on Friday should stay put.


Authorities have not said who they have in custody. But a man who claimed responsibility for the shootings left a 74-page anti-immigrant manifesto in which he explained who he was and his reasoning for his actions. He said he considered it a terrorist attack.

Ardern at her news conference alluded to anti-immigrant sentiment as the possible motive, saying that while many people affected by the shootings may be migrants or refugees “they have chosen to make New Zealand their home, and it is their home. They are us. The person who has perpetuated this violence against us is not.”


Authorities have not yet said how many people were killed and wounded. “It’s a very serious and grave situation,” Bush said.


The deadliest shooting occurred at the Masjid Al Noor mosque in central Christchurch at about 13:45.


Witness Len Peneha said he saw a man dressed in black enter the mosque and then heard dozens of shots, followed by people running from the mosque in terror.


Peneha, who lives next door to the mosque, said the gunman ran out of the mosque, dropped what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon in his driveway, and fled.


Peneha said he then went into the mosque to try and help.


“I saw dead people everywhere. There were three in the hallway, at the door leading into the mosque, and people inside the mosque,” he said. “It’s unbelievable nutty. I don’t understand how anyone could do this to these people, to anyone. It’s ridiculous.”


He said he helped about five people recover in his home. He said one was slightly injured.


“I’ve lived next door to this mosque for about five years and the people are great, they’re very friendly,” he said. “I just don’t understand it.”


He said the gunman was white and was wearing a helmet with some kind of device on top, giving him a military-type appearance.


Police said there was a second shooting at the Linwood Masjid Mosque.


Mark Nichols told the New Zealand Herald he heard about five gunshots and that a Friday prayer-goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.


Nichols said he saw two injured people being carried out on stretchers past his automotive shop and that both people appeared to be alive.


The man who claimed responsibility for the shooting said he was 28-year-old white Australian who came to New Zealand only to plan and train for the attack. He said he was not a member of any organisation, but had donated to and interacted with many nationalist groups, though he acted alone and no group ordered the attack.


He said the mosques in Christchurch and Linwood would be the targets, as would a third mosque in the town of Ashburton if he could make it there.


He said he chose New Zealand because of its location, to show that even the most remote parts of the world were not free of “mass immigration.”


Mass shootings in New Zealand are exceedingly rare. The deadliest in modern history occurred in the small town of Aramoana in 1990, when gunman David Gray shot and killed 13 people following a dispute with a neighbour.

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‘Yellow vest’ rioting in Paris as anti-Macron protests persist

French “yellow vest” protesters have clashed with police in Paris, in the 18th straight weekend of demonstrations against President Emmanuel Macron and his government’s policies.


Large plumes of smoke on Saturday rose above the rioting on the landmark Champs-Elysees avenue in the French capital, as the demonstrators set fires and smashed up luxury stores.


Police tried to contain the protesters with tear gas and water cannons. More than 100 arrests were made.


One dangerous blaze targeted a bank on the ground floor of a seven-storey residential building. As firetrucks rushed over, a mother and her child were rescued as the fire threatened to engulf their floor, Paris’s fire service told The Associated Press news agency.

Eleven people in the building, including two firefighters, sustained light injuries, as other residents were evacuated to safety.


Simultaneous fires were also put out from two burning newspaper kiosks as groups of mostly black-clad demonstrators pelted the security forces with stones and erected barricades. Several protesters smiled as they posed for a photo in front of one the charred remains of the kiosks.


‘Ultraviolent minority’

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said up to 8,000 demonstrators were in Paris on Saturday, including 1,500 “ultraviolent ones that are there to smash things up”.


The turnout was seen as a test for the “yellow vest” movement, which began in November over fuel tax hikes and quickly ballooned into an anti-government rebellion but has struggled lately to mobilise large numbers of protesters.

The movement against Macron’s perceived bias in favour of the elite, takes its name from the yellow safety vests French law requires all motorists to carry.


Last week, around 28,000 people demonstrated nationwide, according to the authorities, a tenth of the numbers that turned out for the inaugural protest on November 17.


The latest rally coincided with the end of a two-month public debate called by Macron to try take the heat out of the protests and give voters a forum to propose policy changes to address declining living standards, stagnant wages and high unemployment.


Around half a million people turned out at townhall-style meetings held around the country, but many “yellow vest” protesters dismissed the consultation as a smokescreen.


On social media, “yellow vest” leaders had hinted at the arrival of sympathisers from Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and even Poland.


“Macron, we’re coming to get you at home,” some of the protesters chanted, referring to the presidential palace situated near the Champs-Elysees.

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Lady Hangs Herself In Enugu A Day After Being Rescued From Committing Suicide

A woman identified as Oluchi, has hanged herself, just a day after she made attempt to commit suicide by drinking a poisonous substance, but was rescued.


The incident happened yesterday, in Aku, Igbo Etiti LGA of Enugu State on Friday. According to reports, the woman was said to have suffered serious domestic violence from her husband since they wedded in 2014 which reportedly led to her developing a mental sickness.


She was later abandoned by the husband, who then moved to Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


All pleas that he should take care of her mental health fell on deaf ears.


However, on Thursday, Oluchi took a poisonous substance to end it all, but was rescued, only to hang herself yesterday.

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Leo Mezie Down With Kidney Failure Again! Chioma Okoye Calls For Help

According to new reports, Nollywood handsome actor Leo Mezie is down again with Kidney issues. This report is also based on a post made on Facebook and also a video by an actress.


Apostle Suleman donated to his medical expense abroad and while taking treatment it was advised that he should not go for a transplant.


This advise, he took and returned to Nigeria and has been diligent on his treatment until May 2018 when he could no more afford the treatment financially.

My name is Chioma Okoye I have been receiving a lot of calls and text messages regarding Leo’s illness, yes Leo was sick three years ago, he was diagnosed with kidney failure, we started raising funds from the public, we reached out to different pastors among all the pastors, Apostle Suleiman was the only one that responded and actors stopped campaigning for money at that point we had about 3 million plus, we stopped the campaign, two days later Leo flew to London, after three weeks his result came out well he didn’t need a transplant anymore, he came back to Nigeria and was placed on dialysis and food type, Leo’s food type is not what you get in the regular market because of his illness, in as much as his kidney revived back he still needed dialysis three times a month right now he has been trying to survive because there is no money anymore so we are back to it, his two kidneys are not functioning, for the past ten days Leo has not gone to the toilet, at this point he is in need of dialysis to make use of the toilet and a doctor advised we do a transplant immediately and it shouldn’t take longer than four weeks. The only way we can help him is to campaign for support from everybody with minimum of one thousand naira so we can sought Leo out. Leo celebrated his 43years birthday few months back, he has been married for 11years with no child, thank you and please share this message so everybody will know that Leo needs a surgery. Apostle. JOHNSON SULEMAN did NOT perform MIRACLE oo! he only paid £15,000 British Pounds to support his hospital bill. Leo’s family and friends went to his church (Omega Fire Ministries Auch, Edo State.) to give thanks by sharing his testimony on his health journey. We are still believing same God is still on his case, thank you and God bless you. please rebroadcast.




The N1000 Challenge initiative!

Donate please for a worthy cause. Help (Nollywood Actor)

Leo mezie beat kidney Disease. (N 15,000,000,00)

Name: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Account Number: 0247060075

Account Name: DONATE-NG

Reference : <leomezie> OR “donate using GTbank 737, use: “*737*32*amount*31501#” https://donate-ng.c

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Pep Guardiola Reveals What Will Happen If Man City Fail To Win Champions League


Pep Guardiola accepts his Manchester City tenure is likely to be judged on whether he succeeds in the Champions League or not.


The City boss has set extraordinarily high standards for himself having previously guided Barcelona to victory in the competition twice.


In comparison to that his spell in charge of Bayern Munich, where he was a three-time losing semi-finalist, is generally regarded as a disappointment, despite winning three Bundesliga titles and two German Cups.


Already at City, Guardiola has won the Premier League by a record margin and the League Cup twice, but he expects Europe to be the barometer of whether his reign is a success or failure.


He said: “I was judged in Munich in that way so I will be judged here as well. My period in Munich was not good for most people because we didn’t get one final. We got semi-finals but we didn’t get a final and we were judged.


“So, I’m a lucky guy. My standards are high. I have to reach it.”

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Lebanese Engineer Kidnapped By Gunmen In Kano Found Dead

A Lebanese engineer, Sagir Ahmed, who was kidnapped in Kano State, has been found dead.


He was abducted by unknown gunmen while inspecting an underpass bridge at Dangi roundabout, Zoo Road, in Kano on Tuesday. His driver was killed, while he was taken away.


However, the Police in Kano State, have confirmed his death. The late engineer was an official of Triacta Construction Company.


Abdullahi Haruna, spokesman of the Kano State Police Command, said he was found dead, on Thursday evening, in a bush in Yansango, Kano state.


The Lebanese expatriate and two other persons, one of who was the driver, were attacked around 7:00am as they were resuming work at Kano Zoo Road Underpass.

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Husband And Wife Crushed To Death While Returning From Market In Enugu. Graphic

It was a black Friday in Amudo, Nkanu community in Enugu state, following a fatal accident which saw a couple dead.


According to reports, a Toyota hilux truck knocked down and ran over a man and his wife, killing both on the spot, when they were coming back from the market on their motorcycle.


The tragic incident saw residents and sympathizers gathered in their numbers at the accident scene to mourn the deaths of the couple.

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10 Symptoms That Your Car Needs An Oil Change

Engine represents the blood of every car. The engine needs oil to move the moving parts and ensure smooth operation. In fact, all kinds of engines need oil to work. It doesn’t matter if you use a motorcycle, a generator or even a lawn mower. If the engine is equipped, it must be lubricated with oil.


Below are the top 10 characters for your vehicle’s oil change



Dark or dirty oil


If you have never seen pure, new engine oil, it has a bright yellow color. However, if the oil gets older and dirty due to the accumulation of residual particles in the engine, it becomes darker, almost black.


You should do the habit of regularly checking the

condition of the oil. Remove the dipstick and see the oil color. Or wipe the tip of the dipstick with a paper towel for a more accurate result. If the oil is dark brown or black, you must replace the oil.



Tapping Noises


Engine oil is aging and it will take some time. That’s why car manufacturers recommend that you change every 5,000 miles or so. If your car has an old oil, it will probably become heavier.


This makes oil lubrication in engine parts more difficult. As a result, the engine produces a variety of metallic sounds because they do not lubricate properly.



Burnt Oil Smell


When the cabin interior of your vehicle begins to smell of burnt oil, you know that you have problems with oil. This usually means that the oil will leak somewhere and the oil will fall into the hot parts of the engine.


This also means that there is probably too little oil in the engine and the engine overheats. Take care of oil spill immediately and pour in fresh oil.



Smoke from the Exhaust


If you live in a cold environment, you are used to seeing steam in the vehicle’s exhaust gases. However, if you see blue or gray smoke from your exhaust, you probably have an oil leak.


This is accompanied by a burnt oil smell and the smoke resulting from the lack of oil in the engine to lubricate its parts due to leakage. Remove oil spill and replace oil.



Car Stopping


If you drive and the vehicle stops, you may have a small problem or a bigger problem. A little problem would be if you have a clogged fuel filter or bad spark plugs. Something can be replaced with simple tuning. A bigger problem would be a bad fuel pump or a clogged catalyst that needs to be replaced.



Poor Fuel Consumption


If you find that gas mileage is not what it used to be, it may mean that you are late for oil change. When the engine oil expires, it gradually becomes smooth and eventually becomes almost muddy if it is not changed. Thick oil gives more resistance to moving parts of the engine, making it harder and consuming more fuel.


Poor gas consumption can also be due to other reasons. However, if the oil is dark and much thicker than the new oil, a simple oil change will help.





If there is not enough oil in the engine or if the oil has not been changed for a while, the engine components cannot be beaten. This causes the engine to continue heating and eventually overheat. Changing oil with fresh oil often corrects the problem.



Difficulty starting the engine


If you find it difficult to start the engine, you may need to check the battery connections for corrosion and clean them with a steel brush. If the battery is at least several years old, it may be time to replace the battery.


You may find that the engine hesitates before it starts when the dashboard lights get weak. Of course, you need optimization to clean the battery connectors and connectors, or even replace them with a new one.



Warning lights


Vehicles and vehicle sensors nowadays make it easier to detect the problem before it gets worse. If the indicator light on the dashboard, check the owner’s manual for what this lamp means. Warning lights alert you to all kinds of problems, such as: Low battery, burned back light, transmission failure, etc.


Some of the newer vehicles even track the status of the oil (via sensors or set time slots) and tell when it’s time to change it. In some cases, the indicator light turns on. That’s why you need to use an OBD2 scanner to make the mechanic diagnose or check the problem.



Reluctant postponement


If you are using an automatic vehicle, you should not have problems if your car is changing gear. However, delaying or slowing down the transfer may mean that you need new gear fluid or filters. Of course, it can also mean a worse problem. If you take the car for refurbishment, this will at least identify the problem.





It is always important to constantly monitor the oil in the engine, because its plays a vital role in terms of keeping the vehicle in a smooth motion.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Faces Ban For Swearing At Atletico Madrid Fans (Photos)

Cristiano Ronaldo is facing a ban from UEFA after he allegedly shouted “son of a bit**” at Atletico Madrid Fans In the Champions League win.


Ronaldo bagged a hat-trick as Juve came from 2-0 down on aggregate to win 3-2 in Tuesday’s last-16 Champions League tie.


His third, from the penalty spot, came in the closing stages of the second leg and sparked wild celebrations among the Juventus players and fans.


And Ronaldo appeared to be venting plenty of frustrations at the away supporters, having previously played for their city rivals Real Madrid.


Ronaldo was picked up on Vamos de Movistar cameras, and Spanish lip-readers claim the 34-year-old was shouting “hijos de puta” (sons of b******).


The superstar could now face a ban fromUEFA, especially when paired with his celebration.


The Juve star grabbed his crotch, like Atletico boss Diego Simeone did after the first leg.


Ronaldo appeared to aim his gesture at the travelling Atletico fans, something the La Liga club are believed to not be best pleased with.


Simeone was fined 20,000 euros (£17,000) for his gesture for improper conduct.

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BREAKING!!! Young Shall Grow Luxurious Bus Burnt To Ashes In Umuahia (photos)

BREAKING!!! Young Shall Grow Luxurious Bus Burnt To Ashes In Umuahia (Photos)


By Wisdom Nwedene


A luxurious Bus belonging to one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria, ‘Young Shall Grow’ has burnt to ashes.


Igbere TV reports that the ugly incident happened along Umuahi/Enugu Road this morning.


As at the time of writing this report, Igbere TV couldn’t confirm if there is any casualty.


More details soon….

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FIFA Confirms Plans For 24-Team Club World Cup In 2021

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has on Friday confirmed plans to launch na expanded 24-team Club World Cup.


MySportDab reports the new tournament will be staged in June-July 2021 instead of the Confederations Cup.


“I am very happy,” Infantino said after confirming plans for the tournament.


However, The European Club Association has said none of its teams will take part in a 24-team Club World Cup in 2021.


The ECA expressed its concerns this week in a letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino ahead of a decision whether to replace the current seven-team annual Club World Cup, which is played in December.


The ECA Executive Board wrote:


“It is against any potential approval of a revised CWC at this point in time and confirm that no ECA Clubs would take part to such competition.”


The ECA represents 232 clubs in Europe.

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LASTMA Official’s Only Son Survives Lagos Building Collapse

Here is Owolabi Saheed, a LASTMA official.His only son Ayo survived the Lagos building collapse.He said…

“I was at my duty post (Tom Jones, Lagos island) when they called me that my son’s school had collapsed, I rushed here immediately and I was told he’s alive at the hospital”

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Wells Carlton Hotels Honoured With “Jumia Travels Hotel Of The Year” Award



Abuja may be an international playground for global superstars and hospitality services, but in the year 2019, none can eclipse the biggest star of all, the Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments. Soaring over the Abuja City with an impressive height and location that exposes its magnifying beauty.


This description came at the time when Wells Carlton Hotels and Luxury Apartments emerged as new winner of Jumia Travels Award as the “Hotel of Year 2019”. The 5star hospitality Apartment has in the same moment snagged the clutched of being featured on the Impact Impression Edition of ATTENTION MAGAZINE.


The Prestigious Jumia Travels Award honouring Wells Carlton Hotels and Luxury Apartments as “2019 Hotel of the Year”, was received in Lagos by Managing Director, Juergen Odenwald, Dandison Okunbo, Elizabeth Omale – Special Adviser to the MD and John Ikediala – Reservations & Revenue Manager.


The management and staff of the hotel has appreciated Jumia Travels for the well deserved honour and recognition as “2019 Hotel of the Year”. As they celebrate the Award, wishing themselves better achievements in years to come.


Wells Carlton Hotel and Luxury Apartments is located in Asokoro at a site that is visible to all. It’s services are premium, royal and of best international standards. However, with the new giant strides of achievements, few months after it’s official opening, it is obvious that there are more to be recorded in it’s book of achievements.

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FIFA Confirms Plans For 24-Team Club World Cup In 2021

FIFA President Gianni Infantino has on Friday confirmed plans to launch na expanded 24-team Club World Cup.


MySportDab reports the new tournament will be staged in June-July 2021 instead of the Confederations Cup.


“I am very happy,” Infantino said after confirming plans for the tournament.


However, The European Club Association has said none of its teams will take part in a 24-team Club World Cup in 2021.


The ECA expressed its concerns this week in a letter to FIFA President Gianni Infantino ahead of a decision whether to replace the current seven-team annual Club World Cup, which is played in December.


The ECA Executive Board wrote:


“It is against any potential approval of a revised CWC at this point in time and confirm that no ECA Clubs would take part to such competition.”


The ECA represents 232 clubs in Europe.

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[Music] CDQ – Shiga

While on the heels of his previously released track ‘Head2Toe’, NSNS head honcho, CDQ returns with a new entry dubbed “Shiga”.


CDQ lures the production assistance of Renowned music producer and singer, Masterkraft to deliver a melodious ditty song.

In addition, the song is expected to be part of his upcoming extended play (EP) scheduled for releases in few weeks.



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[Music] Yung6ix – Wake Up

Self-proclaimed King of the South rapper, Yung6ix begins the year with a new masterpiece dubbed “Wake Up”.


Production credit to Benjamz, while the song was mixed and mastered by Disally.



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Aubameyang Scores For Arsenal, Celebrates With Black Panther Mask (Photos)

Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored for Arsenal in the Europa League yesterday and used a Black Panther mask to celebrate against Rennes.


The striker celebrated in style in front of Gunners fans after retrieving a bag with the item inside.


The Gabon international kicked things off inside five minutes when he tapped home Aaron Ramsey’s cutback.


Ainsley Maitland-Niles then doubled the lead before half-time.


And Aubameyang got his second of the night when Sead Kolasnic put the ball on a plate for the forward.


MySportDab reports the former Borussia Dortmund man then ran behind the goal to collect a mysterious drawstring bag.


Inside was a mask of the Marvel character Black Panther, which Aubayemang put on before running to the cameras.


Aubameyang on his Black Panther mask celebration: “I needed a mask that would represent me. It is a Black Panther & in Africa, in Gabon we call the national team the Panther of Gabon. It represents me.”

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Black Box From Crashed Ethiopian Airline Arrives Paris For Investigation(Pics)

The black box(Cockpit voice recorder) from the doomed Ethiopian Airlines that could solve the mystery of the crash has arrived in Paris for investigation today.


The contents of the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder are expected to provide critical details about what caused the disaster that left 157 dead on Sunday.


Two men carry suitcases containing the flight recorders from the Ethiopian jet into the French air accident investigation authority this afternoon.


The French agency insists that its investigations are not aimed at assigning blame but at finding out what went wrong to make recommendations to improve air safety around the world.




More than 40 countries, including US, have grounded Boeing’s 737 Max 8 or refused to let them into airspace.

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Armed Robbery Suspect And 80-year-old Armourer Arrested In Delta

An armed robbery suspect and an 80-year-old armourer have been arrested and paraded by the police in Delta State, for allegedly terrorising Ughelli, Warri and Udu environs.


The arrested suspects were identified as Emmanuel Patrick and Udenmba Ndu Ben and according to the State’s Commissioner of Police, Adeyinka Adeleke, Patrick who hails from the Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, confessed to the crime and gave the names of other members of the gang.


The 32-year-old suspect who was arrested with a pump action gun and seven cartridges, admitted to partaking in three armed robbery operations in the state and also led the police to the gang’s armoury, where two other pump action guns, four double-barrelled guns, one single-barrelled gun, one air gun, 274 cartridges, two bulletproof jackets and four bullet holders were recovered.Punch reported that the armed robbery who was arrested alongside his gang’s armourer, Udemba, revealed that he is from Eskusigo Local Government Area of Anambra State.

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Residents Donate Blood For Survivors Of Lagos Collapsed Building (photos)

Residents on Thursday waited at the Lagos Island General Hospital to donate blood voluntarily for victims of the three-storey building that collapsed at Ita Faaji.


Lagos residents wait patiently to donate their blood voluntarily for victims of building collapse at Ifa Faji, on Thursday. Photos: Jesusegun Alagbe.


Lagos residents wait patiently to donate their blood voluntarily for victims of building collapse at Ifa Faji, on Thursday. Photos: Jesusegun Alagbe.


Lagos residents wait patiently to donate their blood voluntarily for victims of building collapse at Ifa Faji, on Thursday. Photos: Jesusegun Alagbe.

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Nigeria Climbs To Third Position In Mobile Malware Attacks In 2018

Four African countries made the list in terms of top 10 countries by share of users attacked by mobile malware; Nigeria climbs from fifth place in 2017 to third in 2018.


Kaspersky Lab researchers have seen the number of attacks using malicious mobile software nearly double in just a year. In 2018 there were 116.5 million attacks, compared to 66.4 million in 2017, with a significant increase in unique users being affected.


Despite more devices being attacked, the number of malware files has decreased; leading researchers to conclude that the quality of mobile malware has become more impactful and precise. These and other findings are unveiled in Kaspersky Lab’s report Mobile malware evolution 2018.



As the world becomes more mobile, the role of smartphones in business processes and day to day life is growing rapidly. In response, cybercriminals are paying more attention to how they are distributing malware and the attack vectors used.


The channels through which malware is delivered to users and infects their devices is a key part of the success of a malicious campaign today, taking advantage of those users who do not have any security solutions installed on their phones.


The success of the distribution strategies is demonstrated not only by the increase in attacks, but also the number of unique users that have encountered malware. In 2018 this figure rose by 774,000 on the previous year, to 9,895,774 affected users.


Among the threats encountered, the most significant growth was in the use of Trojan-Droppers, whose share almost doubled from 8.63% to 17.21%. This type of malware is designed to bypass system protection and deliver there all sorts of malware, from banking Trojans to ransomware.


“In 2018, mobile device users faced what could have been the fiercest cybercriminal onslaught ever seen. Over the course of the year, we observed both new mobile device infection techniques, such as DNS hijacking, along with an increased focus on enhanced distribution schemes, like SMS spam.


This trend demonstrates the growing need for mobile security solutions to be installed on smartphones – to protect users from device infection attempts, regardless of the source,” said Viсtor Chebyshev, security expert at Kaspersky Lab.


Four African countries made the list in terms of top 10 countries by share of users attacked by mobile malware – Nigeria in 3rd place at 37.72%, Algeria in 5th place (35.06%), Tanzania in 8th place (31.34%) and Kenya in 9th place with 29.72%.

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[Music] Iyanya ft. Duncan Mighty – Halle

The Violet 360 front Man made good his promise by coming through with the promised song titled Halle on which he features the raved star and the port Harcourt first born Duncan Mighty.


The new track “Halle” is coming amidst is controversy with his former label boss Ubi Franklin, but Iyanya is not letting anything weigh him down as he gears up for the release of his “Rebirth” Ep.



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[Music] Del B ft. Flavour & Wizkid – Consider

Sensational Producer ”DEL B” Finally unveils his most anticipated EP Titled ”AFRODISIAC” . Afrodisiac is a collection of urban african grooves in a mumber of sonic variations leaning on the sensual exchange on the dance floor, you want to dance and you want to make love at the same time. Its a diverse collection of ”International – African vibes that you want to woo your lovr interest To. Here is a track titled ”CONSIDER” Featuring Wizkid and Flavour.



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[Music] Del B ft. Mr Eazi & Davido – Tattoo

Sensational Producer ”DEL B” Finally unveils his most anticipated EP Titled ”AFRODISIAC” . Afrodisiac is a collection of urban african grooves in a mumber of sonic variations leaning on the sensual exchange on the dance floor, you want to dance and you want to make love at the same time. Its a diverse collection of ”International – African vibes that you want to woo your lovr interest To. Here is a track titled ”TATOO” Featuring Mr Eazi and Davido.



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Harrysong – Journey (Video)

Harrysong releases the official music video to his song “Journey“.

Alterplate boss, Harrysong goes deep on this record and even comes through with a detailed video that explain his Journey from Five Star Music to his new discovery.


The video was directed by Sasha Vybz vizual.


Watch and Enjoy the visuals below


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[Music] Tony Ross ft. Olamide & Magnito – Ah!!

African Super producer and songwriter TONY ROSS releases his latest single titled “ AH!! “which features two of Nigerian dopest hiphop and rap Artiste Olamide and Magnito.

This single from his highly anticipated album BEATSOGRAPHY which is set to be released in a few months from now. The self produced song is a Certified club banger with an incredible beat and lyrical delivery from Olamide and Magnito.

@BLAZEKINGDOM_ @tonyrossbeat @baddosneh @magnitofreshout



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No Need Yet To Celebrate Hiv/aids-free Nigeria Says Buhari

The Nigeria HIV/AIDs Indicator and Impact Survey (NAIIS), 2018 has been inaugurated by President Muhammadu Buhari who made his first official appearance after the elections at the Banquet Hall, State House, Abuja.


The survey which listed Akwa Ibom, Benue and Rivers states as having the highest prevalent rate of HIV/AIDS, is a data bank of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA), a 3-year data covering 2019-2021 and the largest revised national HIV/AIDS Strategic framework.


Speaking at the launch, the president, who said there was no need yet to celebrate an HIV/AIDS free country, disclosed that there are still millions of people living with the pandemic who are yet to access treatment. He noted that data is crucial in combating HIV/AIDs, if the country is to succeed in getting rid of the scourge.

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Maradona Describes Cristiano Ronaldo In Two Words

Maradona describes Cristiano Ronaldo in two words


Argentine football icon, Diego Maradona has hailed Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo as a “sorcerer.”


Maradona stated this after the magical Juventus star fulfilled his pre-match prediction by scoring a hat-trick against Spanish side, Atletico Madrid.


Juventus share price shot up by 20% after reaching the Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday to pay back another chunk of Ronaldo’s £85m transfer fee.


Reacting to the player’s performance, Maradona told Marca, “There are players who have been touched by a magic wand. We Argentines are proud that Lionel Messi is Argentinian.


“The other one is an animal. Ronaldo is pure power, and now he’s also a sorcerer. He said he’d score three goals and he scored three goals.”


The Portuguese captain netted his eighth Champions League hat-trick to draw level with Messi and to extend his record tally to 124 goals in 160 matches. He has scored 63 times in the knockout stages.

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Broda Shaggi Completes His NYSC, Passes Out, Flaunts His Discharged Certificate

Instagram comedian, Samuel Perry, popularly known as Broda Shaggi celebrates in style as he completed his mandatory NYSC service.


He wrote:


Every race has an end and not every athlete makes it to the end all the time, many will fall trying to get there.

It’s one of my happiest day as I made my Family Proud again. I can’t forget what my mum said last 2 years, she said “Samuel, you have to break this curse, you have to be a graduate, promise me you will, promise me you will”. Even tho it got tougher along the way back then in Unilag when I almost gave up everything, when I was determined to drop school, God you stood by me and today you completed my story. I really wish I can write more now but if I start , oloun I fit no type finish today but I just wanna say TAINK YOU JESUS, I wanna say Alhamdulilahi, I am grateful for this and here marks the beginning of a bigger journey.

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Dino Melaye Sings At Pius Adesanmi’s Candle Gathering

Dino Melaye drops another hit track to remind us of our mission on earth while at candle gathering for Prof. Pius Adesanmi and Ambassador Abiodun Bashau in Kogi State.


Both Nigerians were amongst the 157 passengers who died aboard the Ethiopian airplane which crashed enroute Addis Ababa.

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Scholes Resigns As Oldham Manager, After Just 31 Days In Charge

Paul Scholes has resigned from Oldham Athletic with immediate effect, after just 31 days in charge of the League Two club.


The former Manchester United midfielder was appointed as boss of the Latics on February 11, but remarkably after just over a month in charge he has called time on his first managerial experience.


The 44-year-old, who supported Oldham as boy, has claimed he has been forced to walk away from the role as he feels he is unable to “operate as intended” and has stated he was misled before taking job.


Scholes won his first match at the helm of his hometown club, but subsequently drew three and lost three games during his brief spell in charge.


The 44-year-old issued a statement, that read:


‘It is with great regret that I have decided to leave the club with immediate effect.


“I hoped to at the very least, see out my initial term of 18 months as the manager of a club I’ve supported all my life. The fans, players, my friends and family all knew how proud and excited I was to take this role.


“In the short period since I took on the role it unfortunately became clear that I would not be able to operate as I intended and was led to believe prior to taking on the role.


“I wish the fans, the players and the staff – who have been tremendous – all the best for the rest of the season and will continue to watch and support the club as a fan.”

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Airtel Nigeria Unveils New Number Range, 0901

Leading telecommunications services provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced a new number range, 0901, in line with its vision to empower more people as well as create opportunities for more Nigerians to succeed.


Airtel says the new 0901 number range, which brings its burgeoning numbering series scheme to eight, will offer more Nigerians an opportunity to experience seamless telephony/mobile Internet service on an innovative and affordable network with expansive 4G coverage.


Commenting on the development, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Dinesh Balsingh, said Airtel is positioned as the network of the first choice for voice calls and mobile Internet and the introduction of a new number series is an affirmation that it enjoys the confidence and support of many telecoms consumers across the country.


“Airtel is pleased to expand its number range to accommodate more telecoms consumers who desire exceptional telephony and mobile Internet experience as well as affordability and new innovation.


“With the new 0901 number range, we are inviting more telecoms consumers to come to experience the best and widest 4G and digital experience,” he said.


Aside from the 0901 number range, Airtel currently has the following numbering series: 0802, 0808, 0708, 0812, 0701, 0902, and 0907.


Airtel Networks Limited is a leading telecommunications services provider in Nigeria headquartered in Lagos, the commercial nerve-centre of Nigeria. The telco ranks amongst the top four mobile service providers in terms of subscribers.


Airtel’s parent company, Bharti Airtel Limited is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 14 countries across Asia and Africa.

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[Music] Phyno – Agu

Penthauze Music rapper, Phyno shines on as he releases his debut single of the year titled “Agu”.


The new entry from Phyno, ‘Agu’ had production assistance from the regular suspect, Tspize.


It comes shortly after the visual for his Ice Prince assisted hit single “Feel Good” released last weekend. Also, he got featured on Chief Obi’s hit track ‘Na You’.



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[Music] DJ Xclusive ft. Zlatan Ibile – Gbomo Gbomo

The ever talented Nigerian superstar DJ Xclusive bounce back with another fire tune titled Gbomo Gbomo.


On this legwork Zanku song titled Gbomo Gbomo DJ Xclusive features Zlatan Ibile.



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[Music] Kizz Daniel – Fvck You

Fly Boy INC Front man, Kizz Daniel dishes out a brand new song titled “Fvck You.” He recruits Young John; doing the production duty on this mid tempo instrumental to deliver this masterpiece. Hit thte play button below and share.



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[Music] Teni – Party Next Door

The versatile Uyo Meyo singer, Dr. Dolor entertainment signed Nigerian female artist Teni aka Teni Makanaki is out with another massive banger titled Party Next Door, the song was produced by Jaysynths Beatz.


Teni who is currently in the UK for a tour where she drop By Tim Westwood for a freestyle and today she roll out another masterpiece single called Party Next Door with a catchy vibes which you are going to fall in love with.



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Neymar To Face UEFA Disciplinary Panel For Slamming Mat Officials After PSG Loss

Last week, in what seemed like a miracle, Manchester United inspired an unbelievable comeback against PSG at the Le Parc des Princes to scale through the UEFA Champions League round of 16. The win came after a 2-0 deficit at the Old Trafford in favor of PSG. However, Man U defeated the French giants with 3 goals to 1, setting them on a 3-3 aggregate and the Reds won on away goals.


PSG forward, Neymar Jr. who was sidelined during the two games due to a broken bone in his foot, reacted badly to the loss after Man U was awarded a last minute penalty that Rashford converted.


It was a controversial penalty from a handball which the referee had to consult VAR before taking his decision. Reacting to the loss, Neymar took to his social media handle, Instagram, to vent his disappointment at the decision of the officials. He wrote:


“This is a disgrace, they put four people that know nothing about football in charge of looking at the replay for VAR.


There is no penalty. How can it be a handball when it hits his back?! Go f**k yourselves!”


However, on Wednesday, after deliberating on his social media outburst, the UEFA is set to investigate Neymar’s behavior and if found guilty, he will face possible fine or ban from further UEFA games in the future. The statement reads below:

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Messi Surprised By Magical Ronaldo Showing


Barcelona star, Lionel Messi, has revealed surprise at Cristiano Ronaldo’s magical performance against Atletico Madrid in the round of 16.


Juventus slipped past Atletico Madrid in Tuesday’s second leg, with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring two headers and a penalty to see the Italian club overturn a 2-0 first-leg loss and leaving the Barca star to marvel at the exploits of his former Real Madrid rival.


Following Barcelona’s victory against Lyon, Messi said;


“Cristiano and Juventus were awesome, it was a big surprise because I thought Atletico would be stronger.


“But Juventus overcame them and Cristiano had a magical night with three goals.”


Messi and Barcelona must now wait until Friday’s draw to see who they will face in the quarter-finals, but the 31-year-old doesn’t see a preferred opponent in the last eight.


“All rivals are difficult, we can’t choose,” he said. “We have to wait for the draw and see who will be our rival.


“City, Juventus, Ajax, all are really good. Liverpool have offensive success and they showed at Munich. All of them will be complicated.

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Zidane Set To Make First Signing As Real Madrid Agrees €50m Deal

Zidane Set To Make First Signing As Real Madrid Agrees €50m Deal

Real Madrid have agreed a €5million (£42.6m) deal to sign Porto defender Eder Militao, Globo reports.


The 21-year-old has impressed for Porto, since arriving in a €4m (£3.5m) deal from Sao Paulo last summer.


He will now become Madrid’s first summer signing for Zinedine Zidane, after the Spanish club agreed to pay his €5m buyout clause.


The report also claims that the Brazilian defender has agreed a six-year contract with the LaLiga giants and had a medical in Portugal on Monday.


Zidane returned to Madrid on Monday for his second stint as manager, following talks with the club’s president Florentino Perez.


It is understood that in order to convince Zidane to come back to the Santiago Bernabeu, Perez has agreed to overhaul the squad in the summer transfer window and has promised to spend in the region of £3m on new players.

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Adesua Etomi On Vogue US Magazine 2019

Our very own super star, Adesua Etomi-Wellington is one of the four women on the cover of Vogue US magazine’s latest issue.


The April 2019 issue is tagged “The Global Issue” and has two covers celebrating 14 global superstars from 14 different countries.


Read what they wrote about Adesua below…


“The Nigerian actress Adesua Etomi-Wellington can’t walk down the street in Lagos without getting mobbed, and if she’s with her husband, the actor Banky Wellington, forget it—a trip to the grocery store launches a thousand selfies. But unlike some of her cohorts on the shoot, she’s more of a third-culture kid, born in Nigeria and raised mainly in England. (She speaks in two fluent accents—Lagos and the British Midlands.) She went to school in Coventry, studied drama at University of Wolverhampton, and then got a nine-to-five job with the fashion arm of a large supermarket chain. It was then that, as she puts it, “I can’t explain it—I felt I had to go back to Nigeria.”


That was toward the end of 2012, and in the past six years or so she has become one of the biggest stars in Nollywood, Nigeria’s relatively young film industry. The Wedding Party (2016), a colorful and witty romantic comedy in which she plays the lead opposite Wellington, was the highest-grossing film in the history of Nigerian cinema, until it was eclipsed by its sequel, which also starred Etomi-Wellington. In fact, she points out, of the four films that have done best for the relatively young industry, she is in three. “I love, love, love Nollywood,” Etomi-Wellington says brightly over tea and biscuits at the shoot. “I feel like she’s my baby, and it’s my responsibility, along with a lot of other performers, to grow her.””