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Traders Lament Inadequate Customer Support Because To A Lack Of Fresh Naira.

Nigerians have experienced several difficulties over the last few days, including a rise in the price of necessities, a lack of energy, a shortage of gasoline, and the absence of fresh Naira notes.


Residents of Oyo State bemoan the anguish they experienced receiving the new money, which they characterized as intolerable.


The Guardian said that the lack of fresh Naira banknotes has had a severe impact on all corporate operations.


Our reporter noted minimal consumer turnout and patronage at the well-known Ibadan marketplaces in Gbagi, Bodija, and Oje, where vendors waited impatiently for clients.


“Since yesterday, I have not sold anything,” a trader who sells clothing in Gbagi said. “Some of my clients would want to buy from me, but they always claim that they don’t have cash. I had to borrow money from someone yesterday to pay for my return home transportation.


Another vendor at Bodija bemoaned the lack of business, complaining that many of her clients purchased things on credit and that he had yet to see money sent to his bank account.


In order to save Nigerians from further hardship, both the vendors and the purchasers appealed to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to guarantee the availability of fresh Naira.

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