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President Buhari urges Nigerians not to panic in response to the terror alert.

In order to prevent panic, President Buhari has asked the nation’s security apparatus and citizenry to be watchful and cautious with security.


President Buhari advised Nigerians to be calm in the light of recent changes in travel advice from the US and UK governments, saying that it should not be reason for fear in a statement published by his media assistant, Garba Shehu.


According to President Buhari, Nigeria is not an exception to the rule of other countries listing terror concerns in their travel advisories to its residents. He said that there is a high chance of terrorist strikes in numerous Western European countries, according to travel warnings from the US and the UK.


The quote says, in part:


In fact, the travel advise given by the UK and the US to their respective people includes the same caution. Sadly, the threat of terror exists everywhere.


It does not, however, imply that an assault in Abuja is about to happen. Security measures have been strengthened in and around the FCT since the jail raid in July. Increased surveillance and interceptions of terrorist communications guarantee that possible threats are discovered earlier.


Attacks are thwarted. To protect civilians, security personnel actively seek out risks; most of this work is done in secret and must be kept private.


The government’s first concern continues to be the safety of Nigerians. To prevent danger, security services are on duty constantly. The president assures the public that the administration is keeping an eye on the nation’s security situation.


Noting that security threats are real and have existed for some time, it is important to note that the military, police, and other security agencies of the country have proven their ability to deal with them. This is demonstrated by the fact that the majority of our allies, including the United Nations agencies present in our neighborhood, have not deemed the threat to be significant enough to cause panic or call for the evacuation of citizens.


The President emphasizes that although maintaining security awareness, being vigilant, and exercising caution are essential, it is equally critical that responsible members of society avoid creating circumstances that cause unnecessarily heightened anxiety.


The military and other security services deserve praise for the recent improvement in the country’s security, and President Buhari orders that further precautionary measures be taken and that these must not be relaxed both now and throughout the next Christmas time.


President Buhari expressed confidence that the country will overcome the problems it is now experiencing given the ongoing efforts of the military and other security and intelligence services with the active support of the civilian people.

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