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AMAZING!!! Google Doodle Honors Jollof Rice

AMAZING!!! Google Doodle Honors Jollof Rice 3 NaijaNoWellGoogle, a global leader in technology, honored jollof rice on Friday with a doodle on its homepage.

Jollof rice, a delicacy unique to West African nations, is celebrated to honor the farmers who sow and harvest the rice so that the dish may be made, claims Google.


Haneefah Adam, a Nigerian content maker and visual artist, made a stop-motion animation movie demonstrating the making of Jollof rice for the doodle.


The film, which included music by Senegalese jazz musician Hervé Samb, demonstrated how to prepare the meal step-by-step and listed the components that were used.


“This is a celebration of culture—not just my background, but of everyone who recognizes food as a channel,” Adam stated while describing the meal. It’s fascinating to see how diverse our attitudes on food are, for example, how Jollof preparation varies between Senegal and Nigeria (they even have different names). This just serves to highlight the beauty and depth of our continent’s overall culture.


Google also mentioned the friendly competition between Ghana and Nigeria over which nation could make the finest jollof rice.


The article said, “Ghanaians and Nigerians compete fiercely to produce the greatest jollof, and for good cause. The two types of cooking are quite different from one another.


For instance, whereas Ghanaians prefer basmati rice with a more fragrant taste, Nigerians prefer long-grain rice that absorbs more seasonings.

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