How I Killed Iniubong Umoren – Frank Uduak-Akpan Confesses (Photos, Video)

For the primary time, the alleged killer of Akwa Ibom job seeker, Iniobong Umoren, has issued a public statement on the circumstances that led to the 26-year-old’s death.


Akpan Uduak confessed to killing Umoren by employing a stabilizer and pressing iron to hit her during an effort to rape the deceased.


Uduak disclosed this while being paraded at the Akwa Ibom State Police Command on Friday.


The police were forced to parade the suspect following reports that there have been efforts to bury the case.


Some news blogs had incorrectly reported that Uduak had committed suicide in police custody.


But chatting with the press during his parade, Uduak revealed how he lures his victim with reverse psychology and the way Umoren unfortunately fell for it.


He had allegedly deceived the deceased that she was getting to work as a secretary at a farm.


“I used reversed psychology on her. I asked her if she will add the farm where hard drugs are kept as a secretary. and she or he or he said that she will and she is prepared to require it.


“When she came, I told her this farm doesn’t exist and there’s a no farm like that, it had been just a hoax and that i told her that before she leaves, i will be able to wish to roll in the hay together with her and she or he or he agreed and she gave a condition that I should use a condom due to HIV.


“While I removed the condom, she became furious and she or he took the nearby stabilizer to hit me on my fore head then she hit me on my left annualry and check out to succeed in for the door, screaming.


“So, while i used to be bleeding, during a bid to prevent her I used the stabilizer to hit her and once I hit her, she fell and began bleeding, and thereafter died,” he disclosed.


The suspect revealed to the press that Umoren wasn’t his first victim, as six other women had fallen victim of his tactics of luring them through fake job alerts but, however, claimed that her death was his first murder.


However, the state commissioner of police, Andrew Amiengheme, said it had been necessary to possess the news conference due to the rumour that was going around within the media that the suspect had committed suicide within the cell.


“I do not know anywhere within the world that a suspect are going to be allowed to use trousers within the cell to the extent of killing himself with it.


“Social media that’s alleged to be a tool which will work to the advantage of the police has become something that’s working against them,” he said.

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