Drone Crashes Into Spewing Volcano In Iceland (Photo, Video)

Incredible footage shows a dive-bombing drone being incinerated by lava spewing from a volcano in Iceland.


The Fagradalsfjall volcano, which is 25 miles from Reykjavik, began erupting in March after lying dormant for more than 900 years.


Aerial video captures the drone flying over the volcano before crashing into the bubbling lava.


It was filmed and operated by YouTuber Joey Helms, who said: ‘Around the volcano where you have the hot gases emitted they cause turbulence all around it and hot rocks raining on to you.


‘[It makes] flying these things even more tricky.’


The long-dormant volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula in south-west Iceland flared to life on March 20 after tens of thousands of earthquakes were recorded in the area.


Crowds of hikers have since flocked to the volcano to get a glimpse of the eruption.


Iceland has 32 volcanic systems currently considered active, the highest number in Europe. The country has had an eruption every five years on average.


The vast island near the Arctic Circle straddles the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a crack on the ocean floor separating the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.

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