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What You Don’t Know About Black Lives Matter

What You Don't Know About Black Lives Matter 11 NaijaNoWell

Black Lives Matter

Facts you don’t know about black lives matter

First of all, we will talk about why black racism is the highest racism in the world

Emotions Before Reasoning: Black racism is the highest racism in the world because blacks are too emotional when it comes to judgement, when a racism is processing on a black man, he get emotional rather than reasoning what is being said.

Here is a video below of how blacks process racism, applying emotions before reasoning.

From the research gathered it was discovered that blacks were not the only race colonised neither were they the only ones sold into slavery, but it is only black race that always get emotional about their history, histories like that are always good to be remembered but the past should not determine the future.

The whites that claim to be or support Anti-black racist have planted a very bad seed in the lives of black which can not be noticed because the emotions there is too much, example: when a black man is being treated wrongly or killed, one white agent of anti black will bring back the history of black slave and what should be rightly done, because of the emotional nature of the black race the error seed will start growing in a rapid force.

Black Lives Matter might make you think that blacks are not also the cause of what is happening to them.

In 2017 – 2020 according to Statista, the number of white people killed by police is higher than the number of black people killed by police in USA. OPEN LINK TO CONFIRM

What You Don't Know About Black Lives Matter 12 NaijaNoWell

Also in 2018 according to Office of the juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), the number of crime and death caused by black people is higher than the number of deaths and crime caused by white people. OPEN LINK TO CONFIRM

What You Don't Know About Black Lives Matter 13 NaijaNoWell

What You Don't Know About Black Lives Matter 14 NaijaNoWell


These are the things they won’t tell you and you as an emotional black man won’t care to know but even if you don’t know or care to know, just know that the whites are using your emotions to achieve their goals. How is that possible? Read the next paragraph to know how.

We don’t know if the death of George Floyd was staged (RIP) but from what is currently happening we know that BLACK LIVES MATTER is staged to achieve something that is not in the benefits of the black.

According to USATODAY, Black Lives Matter have generated a net worth of 12 million dollars, where is the money and where has the money been used for the benefits of the blacks other than funding of protests and riots

Schools and Churches were not allowed to open because of Covid19 Pandemic but the blacks were allowed to protest and cause havoc in USA because Black Lives Matter

Now here is the secret you don’t know about black lives matter

What You Don't Know About Black Lives Matter 15 NaijaNoWell

Black Lives Matter funded to make Donald Trump tenure look bad so that he won’t win the next election in USA and to bring the idea of one world order, 5G, Micro Chip, One Religion and the rest

Why Donald Trump?

Donald Trump came into power and destroyed their plan and Obama’s Legacy, he was never in line with what they said or what they want him to do especially the media

Here are the things that got them pissed off in Donald Trump Tenure, click on them to read

138 things Trump did this year while you weren’t looking

21 Major Obama Policies Trump Tried To Ax After Taking Office

List Of News Network Donald Trump Called Fake

This article is not published to promote any organisation, it is published to enlighten and open the eyes of blacks of what is happening and how they are being used because of their highly emotional nature.


Written by NaijaNoWell – Make Her Well Again


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