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DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Under the Light (2023)

Su Jianming, the son of Deputy Mayor Zheng Gang of Jinjiang City, defies his father’s counsel and attends a cunning dinner invitation from the wealthiest man in Jinjiang City, Li Zhitian (played by Yu Hewei). To his astonishment, he becomes an unwilling witness to a shocking incident where someone is coerced into thrusting their hand into a simmering hotpot. As past mysteries resurface, hidden factions from various quarters plot and scheme, employing intricate strategies, scrutiny, and suspicion. Amidst the web of conflicting desires, the pressing question remains: who will ultimately unveil the final mask?

Type: movie

Release Date: 2023-09-28

Country: China

Language: Chinese

Genre: Drama, Action, Crime

Cast: Lei Jiayin as Su Jianming Yu Hewei as Li Zhitian Zhang Guoli as Zheng Gang Zhou Dongyu as Li Huilin Sun Yizhou as David Li Naiwen as Liu Feng Xu Ya Jun as Liu Bo Tian Yu as Tang Danian He Zhengjun as Wen Hui Joan Chen as He Xiuli Wang Xun Xu Zili Lin Boyang Chen Tong Chen Daoming Chubu Huajie





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