List Of Foods That Quicken The Ageing Process(photos)

There some foods that are known to expedite Ageing and poor health conditions which you could easily avoid. Here’s what you can keep off of your diet if you want to be youthful and fit for as long as possible.



1. Sugar

Back away from chocolates, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, and that sugary food stuff that you can’t live without. Almost all nutrition experts swear by the fact that sugar causes aging. Sugar gets attached to the proteins in your bloodstream and forms advanced glycation end products (AGEs).


With the accumulation of AGEs, the surrounding proteins also get damaged in a chain-like manner. So the protein fibers that keep your skin tight and elastic also get affected, which in turn results in wrinkles and sagging skin. If the need for a smaller waistline hasn’t kept you away from sugar till date, maybe the love for healthy skin will.



2. Caffeine

Bad news for all coffee lovers! Yes, perhaps for a lot of people, the morning doesn’t start without their daily dose of caffeine. But turns out, for that little zing, you shouldn’t be drinking coffee in excess.

As coffee is diuretic, it dehydrates the body and raises the stress hormone cortisol (hormone linked with accelerated skin aging). Also, it dries out skin. All the coffee worshipers should cut down, if not completely give up on their daily dose of coffee.



3. Alcohol

An occasional glass of beer or vodka shot won’t affect your skin really! But binge alcohol consumption is definitely going to ravage your youthful skin. Not just that, alcohol will cause premature aging of brain, loss of collagen, puffiness, premature wrinkles, and loss of elasticity.

Alcohol consumption basically dehydrates your body, leaving behind a chain of free radicals, which cause vasodilatation condition responsible for skin disorders like rosacea. It is primarily the amount of alcohol you consume that is going to determine the health of your skin.



4. Chips & Salty Food

Not just sugar, you should also cut down on the salt intake as it is equally bad for your health. You might not add salt to your food, but you still can’t be sure about not consuming salt as most of the canned foods already come with preserved salt.

Excess of salt causes the skin to dehydrate completely, thereby drying out the skin and making it appear puffy. It is best to check the labels when buying canned food, to make sure you aren’t getting too much salt in your diet.



5. Burgers & Fries

While junk food won’t age you overnight, continuous indulgence in such diet can surely speed up aging. Though some fat is required per day i.e. about 75 grams, but excess can result in clogged blood vessels.


Burgers and fries can cause sticky artery walls and this stops the oxygenated blood from reaching all the important body organs. No oxygen means damaged skin cells, and they won’t repair on their own. Also, junk food can cause bodily inflammation and release of free radicals.



6. Soda

All those addicted to sugar rush of soda and other sugary beverages are not just putting their health at risk (condition like type 2 diabetes), but also causing their skin to dry out and become flaky. Again, soda contains excessive sugar content that can result in glaciation (as discussed in point 1).


This in turn causes inflammation in the body and many chronic diseases like diabetes and dementia. Even diet pop is bad for your skin. Artificial sweeteners must be avoided as they contain chemicals and artificial colors; they can make your skin appear thinner.



7. Spicy Food

Spicy food and peppers are extremely good for metabolism, but they can also aggravate acne-prone skin, particularly during menopause. As the blood vessels in your body are most active during that phase, spicy food dilutes them and that is why your skin appears less youthful at that time.

However, you should not worry that much about indulging in spicy curry once in a while as only over- indulgence is going to result in permanent redness and puffy skin.


8. White Breads And Pastas

Simple carbs such as pastas and white breads are known to have hypoglycemic index which is associated with premature aging. These compounds inflame the skin and raise insulin production.

These carbs break down speedily and result in premature aging of skin.


They put you at the risk of type 2 diabetes, acne, and even skin inflammation. Alternatively, brown breads and brown rice do not break down easily, and that is why one can skin the aging process.

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