J’POSH Beauty World Recreation Winners

We have come to the end of our valentine giveaway(the recreate and post), even though the turn up was poor but in every competition there must be a winner and you all made it a lot more easier on us to pick out the winners.

So we would be awarding our winners today, two persons did the recreate and post look, the ten thousand naira would be giving to one of them while the other person would be compensated for his effort (yes his a male).

Thanks to everyone that shared, liked and commented on our post, we see all the love and we truly do appreciate.

Happy valentine in advance with lots of love❤❤❤❤❤from J’posh Beauty WORLD



For participating in this challenge we have decided to award your effort for trying

Congratulations @Emma No Well

please send in your account details

This is our winner for the #recreationchallenge

Congratulations @Ann Nkiruka

please send in your account details

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