Reno Omokri: Nigerians Need ‘e-Buhari’ And Not e-Naira

Reno Omokri stated via his Instagram handle that the invention of Nigerian Digital Currency, e-Naira, is useless, IgbereTV reports.


He stated that Nigerians need good governance from the president in the form of ‘e-Buhari’, to provide Nigerians with good schools, quality roads, electricity instead of a digital currency.


He wrote;


“If you ask Buhari to explain what he launched today, he won’t be able to say anything intelligent. How do you launch a digital currency with no blockchain backbone, no miners, and no clear idea of what you want to achieve? e-Naira could as well mean Embezzle Naira. Nigerians do not need an unnecessary e-Naira. What they need is e-Security, e-Jobs, e-Electricity, e-Roads, e-Schools, and above, they need an e-Buhari, because the physical Buhari is doing more harm than good. So maybe an e-version of Buhari will be better for us



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