Tom Holland Trends After Claims He’s The Father To Nicki Minaj’s Baby

Thousands of posts flooded Twitter, after fans joked that the Spider-Man actor was having a baby with Nicki Minaj.


Tom Holland has been the victim of several hoaxes on Twitter – recently, his stans got #TomHollandIsOverParty trending – but now, fans of the actor are joking he’s going to be a father.


After a viral fanfiction meme, many of the Spider-Man’s followers are claiming that Tom is set to be the father of Nicki Minaj’s recently announced baby.

With nearly 20k posts about him, ‘Tom Holland’ was trending on Twitter, with followers saying “it took me a hot minute to realize how tom holland is suddenly a father”.


Another wrote “the fact that TOM HOLLAND is a FATHER now……time flies”.


This joke stems from a viral meme which began in April 2019, consisting of a love triangle between Tom, Nicki and YouTuber James Charles.

One Tom Holland stan account posted a video, with the caption “why did i make this”, where they posted fake subtitles to real video clips of Tom and Nicki expressing their undying love for each other.

On Monday, 21 July, the ‘Super Bass’ rapper revealed she was pregnant with her and husband Kenneth Petty’s first child, to her 119.4m Instagram followers.


Nicki, 37, got married to Kenneth, 42, in secret in October 2019, and the pair have reignited a romance they had years ago as ‘high school sweethearts’.


The rapper hasn’t yet revealed whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, or even what month their baby is due, with fans already flooding the snap with questions and congrats.

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