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Man Pulled Over For Riding Unclad As Record-breaking Hot Weather Hits Europe

Police force in northeastern German state of Brandenburg has taken to twitter to share images of a man who was pulled over after being caught riding his scooter Unclad.


The Unclad rider, who was wearing nothing but sandals and Helmet, claimed he was trying to cool down and simply defended his nudity by telling officers: “It’s too hot”.




The police department wrote:

“We can’t disagree with what he said”


He was allowed to continue his journey after agreeing to put pants on.


Like most of Western Europe, Germany is facing scorching temperatures, with German authorities imposing motorway speed limits. Some French schools are staying closed as a precaution, after France recorded all-time highest temperature of 45.9°C


German authorities have warned that temperatures could exceed the current 40°C in parts of the Europe over the coming days as a plume of dry, hot air moves north from Sahara, Africa.


In comparison, the temperature  range in Lagos Nigeria stays between a high of 33°C and low of 21°C. The hottest month is March, when average daytime temperatures reach 29°C.

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