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16 Amazing Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

16 Amazing Facts About Queen Elizabeth II 3 NaijaNoWell

Even though queen Elizabeth is a public figure, she lives a very private life. What baffles most people about her is that she seldom speaks about herself and never grant interviews to the media. This is the reason why so little is known about her.


With over 66 years on the throne, she has become the longest reigning British monarch. Behind the stern poker face you always see screen, there are a whole lot of amazing facts you don’t know about her.


16 Amazing Facts About Queen Elizabeth



#1. She Never Attended Any School


This is one of the most amazing facts about Queen Elizabeth. Again, that she didn’t attend any school doesn’t mean she isn’t educated.


Although she didn’t attend the four walls of school, she still had the best education. Herself and her younger sister ( Princess Margaret) had private tutors who taught them at home.


#2. Queen Elizabeth Is Married To Her Third Cousin ( Prince Philip)


You are probably knowing this for the first time. Don’t feel bad, we learn everyday.


Queen Elizabeth is actually related to her husband. In fact, he is a maternal relation to Queen Victoria ( Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother).


Let me blow your mind a little. Philip was born into the royal families of Greece and Denmark. However, he renounced his original titles when he married Elizabeth.


They have been living happily together for 69 years.


#3. Do You Know That Queen Elizabeth Celebrates Her Birthday Twice A Year?


Elizabeth actually celebrates her birthday twice in a year. While is real birthday is April 21st, the country officially celebrates it in June 11.


#4. She Has Reigned For A Very Long Time


Queen Elizabeth has reigned for a long time. In fact, she is the only Monarch most Brits know.


As at when she ascended the throne, about 81% of U.K. Citizens weren’t alive.


She became queen immediately after the death of her father in 1952. Today she has become the longest reigning monarch in the world.


#5. She Owns All The Swans And Dolphins In UK Water


During the 12th century, the British monarch laid claims to “all mute swans in the country”. During this period, they were a delicacy.


However, the queen doesn’t eat them anymore, but she still owns them.


#6. She Has Made At Least 260 Overseas trips since she ascended the throne


Queen Elizabeth II has made over 260 overseas trips. However, she has slowed down her international trip.


But she still travels a lot. In fact, in 2015 alone, she carried out over 341 royal engagements.


#7. She Has Outlasted 14 British Prime Minister and 13 US President During her Reign (Still Counting)


In her 66 years of reign, she has outlasted 14 British Prime Minister and 13 US presidents. Guess what?? The counting continues.


#8. She Is Rich But Not The Richest Person In The UK


Without an iota of doubt, Queen Elizabeth is very rich. But she is not among the richest people in the UK.


She gets money from taxpayers and the royal family real estate holdings. Her net worth is £340 million.


However, she has not been listed on the SUNDAY Times’ list of 300 wealthiest Brits for the past 2 years.


#9. She Pays Her Taxes Every Year


Ordinarily, queen Elizabeth II isn’t required to pay tax. But she has been paying tax voluntarily since 1993.


Isn’t she a great leader? How many leaders around the world do this?


#10. She’s been Portrayed As A Character In Roughly 100 TV Shows and Movies


Queen Elizabeth has been portrayed as a character in several movies.


#11. She Drinks A Glass Of Champagne Every Night Before She Retires To Bed


Queen Elizabeth drinks a glass of champagne every night before going to bed. Perhaps, this is her little health secret.


#12. She doesn’t have a Passport or Driver’s license.


Surprise right? Well don’t be, queen Elizabeth doesn’t have a passport and driver’s license.


Come to think of it, does she really need these documents? They are issued in her name. And she is very comfortable behind the wheel.


#13. She Uses Her Purse To Send Secret Signals To Her Staff


The queen has a way of using his handbag or purse to send secret signals to her staff. She uses such signals to exit boring meetings.


For instance; if she places her purse on a table during a dinner, this is an indication that the event should end in the next 5 minutes.


Again, if she places her bag or purse on the floor, it is an indication that she wants to be rescued from a current conversation.


#14. She Doesn’t Use A Last Name


The queen doesn’t have a last name. Her official name is “Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.”


#15. She Can’t Be Prosecuted Or Compelled To Give Evidence In Court


Queen Elizabeth II can neither be prosecuted nor compelled to give evidence in court. Indeed, being a Queen comes with great perks.


However, she never abuses her power and she always acts in accordance with the provision of the law.


#16. She Publishes The List Of Gifts People Give Her Annually


It is customary of the Royal family to always publish list of gifts the Queen receive from the public and world leaders. This may sound weird, but it has been the tradition of the royal family from time immemorial.

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