Not Washing Your Car Properly In Australia Could Earn You A Fine Of N162,000

Different countries with amazing regulations and laws.


Drivers who fail to wash their cars properly could be hit with expensive fines.


Motorists could be slapped with a staggering fine of up to $450 and lose three demerit points if their licence plates aren’t displayed cleanly and clearly.


According to a Facebook post by NSW Police has advised that ‘not washing your car properly,’ by ‘neglecting’ cleaning the licence plate could end up costing you.


According to Clause 25 of the Regulation in the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, plates must be ‘clear and clean,’ and must not be obscured, defaced or otherwise not legible.


You can also get stung for licence plates that are not properly displayed or are hard to read.


In another post by the NSW Police, they state that number plates are not allowed to be hinged.




‘They must be securely fixed to prevent them swinging out of sight. $448 + 3 points.’


While the laws and penalties vary in each state, social media users have been quick to criticise the NSW laws on the Facebook post.


Facebook user, Lizzie Maree West, highlighted the implication with water restrictions, saying ‘… we can’t wash ours on level 6 water restrictions…’

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