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How To Protect Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat Accounts

How To Protect Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat Accounts 3 NaijaNoWell

How To Protect Online Privacy On Social Media Platforms


You might want to consider hiding some of your info on social media… it’s worthwhile.


Recent research conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research suggests that social media users (especially Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat), face a 46% higher risk of account takeover and fraud than those not active on social networks.


So how then do we protect ourselves?




Limit Access To Future Posts


You can limit access to your future posts to ensure that they are only visible to friends. This should reduce the amount of data being collected by facebook.


Followers can see your posts on facebook, even if you don’t wish to befriend them. To prevent this, go to Public Posts > Who can follow me and change from Public to Friends.


Stop People Using Your Personal Info For Finding You


To prevent people from using you personal info for finding you, alter your settings in the Privacy > How people find and connect you.


Prevent Your Name Being Linked With Ads


Go to Ads section

Under Ads settings, update your settings

Select “No one” for ads that include your social actions

Save changes


Block Facebook Apps From Accessing Your Data


It’s possible to limit and reduce the info that Facebook apps can access. To block such apps:


Go to Preferences > Apps, websites and games menu

Switch from Turned on to turned off





Prevent Twitter From Tracking You


Control how twitter collects and share your data


In your Account page, click on Privacy and Security

Go to Personalization and data

Click an disable all

Click on save changes


Stop Including Location Data In Tweets


Navigate to Settings and Privacy

Under the Tweet location section, uncheck the box of “Tweet with a location”


Stop Twitter From Accessing Your Contacts


In the Privacy and Safety menu, scroll down to “discoverability”

Uncheck the boxes to stop others from finding you by email address or phone number





Make Your Posts Private


One of the most essential steps to take in protecting info on Instagram is to make your posts private.


From inside the app, click the Settings button and thus toggle “Private account” on.


Prevent Instagram From Sharing Info With Other Social Networking Sites


Access the Settings menu, and then select “Linked accounts”

Unclick all of the accounts you wish to remove


Reduce Profile Info


Instagram only requires you to put a username on your profile. So make your username anonymous, and do not include any other information.




Make Sure Only Your Friends Can Contact You


Snapchat makes it possible for anyone to contact you, but it’s probably best to limit this to your friends.


In Order to achieve this, first access your profile tab via the “gear icon”.


Find the Contact me option under the ‘who can’ heading in your settings, and select ‘My friends’.


Select Who You Want To See Your Stories


Click the gear icon, then scroll down to the ‘who can’ section and tap ‘view my story’. You’ll then have the option of customizing who sees your stories.


Remove Yourself From The ‘Quick Add’ Section


‘Quick Add’ enables you to be added to the friends list of mutual friends.


To disable this setting, locate the ‘gear icon’ > ‘Show me’ in ‘Quick add’ and then turn it off.


Move Private Snaps Saved In Your Memories To My Eyes Only”

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