How Did Your Marriage End? Any Regrets? Share Your View and Save a Friend

Men and women on NaijaNoWell who have had a failed marriage or, as the case might be, failed marriages, tell us what went wrong. How did it end? Was it your fault or your spouse’s fault? Do you have any regrets? What were the red flags you saw in your spouse? What would you have done differently? Get in here and tell us.


Finally, from your experience, drop your advice for those that are thinking of getting married.


NB: this is a serious thread, no derailing. We are here to learn as others here are about to marry or enter a relationship. We are not here to judge anyone and there is no need to feel ashamed. It’s better to have many failed marriages than to remain with a bad spouse forever. Besides, failed marriages can happen to anyone as you are not a mind reader and you are not in charge of your spouse actions.

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