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How the Premier League Was Told by Nine Clubs To BANN Man City

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has said that up to nine clubs wrote to the Premier League requesting that the defending champions be suspended.

This was said by Guardiola in response to Chelsea’s January transfer window spending spree.


The Blues have added new players for more than €600 million during the summer transfer window.


In addition to Enzo Fernandez, who was transferred for a record-breaking €120 million from Benfica, Graham Potter’s team also received seven additional players over the course of the previous month.


Guardiola said when asked what would happen if City spent the same amount:


“I am aware of what would occur.


“What Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United, you have to spend without decent players. The market is now in awe.


There are rules, and I won’t soon forget the eight or nine clubs that wrote to the Premier League requesting a suspension on us. Regarding net expenditure, we are the sixth team.

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