Ansu Fati Would Only Be Sold By Barcelona If He Initiated The Trade.

Around Ansu Fati, commotion has already begun. He isn’t playing in enough meaningful minutes, Barcelona will need to make some significant sales in the summer, and teams like Manchester United need strikers to make up for their striker shortages, creating the ideal storm for a potential departure.


Ansu is a highly desirable player for many teams, and Barça is aware of the activity around him, but the club won’t press for a sale at this time.


Both the athletic committee and the coaching staff have the same goal in mind: to rally behind the player and pray that, as Xavi stated, things turn out well for him and the waters turn back to their proper path. Despite the fact that there are still months till summer, they are optimistic that the situation will improve.


The player that was chosen to go last year was Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman got bored of being the first substitute or of sitting on the bench too often and had trouble adapting to Xavi’s system. De Jong remained put despite Manchester United and Chelsea making moves to sign him up because of his will to keep playing.


Due of the scars left behind, Barça does not want Ansu to experience a similar situation in the future. If a transaction occurs in the future, it will be more likely because the player decides to leave rather than because Barça put him up for sale. That action has not yet been taken.


Ansu did anticipate playing more after returning from injury, but with the level of competition so high, Xavi has chosen to start one extra midfielder. Between now until the conclusion of the season, he will stick with the strategy he has proven to be effective. Lewandowski is in a good position, and Dembélé will be the other forward whenever he returns. There is a limit to Ansu’s patience, however it is unclear how far he will go, and barring a massive shock, he will sit out the important games.

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