Still no victory for Africa in the World Cup in Qatar.

Doha: Ghana’s two goals yesterday ended Africa’s World Cup goal drought, but none of the five teams from the continent have been able to record a victory in Qatar.



While Morocco and Tunisia secured goalless draws against more favored opponents, riding a tide of inspiring support from thousands of their supporters who filled the stadiums, Cameroon, Ghana, and Senegal all lost their first matches.


Large migrant populations from both nations reside in the Gulf state, and they helped to create a festive environment as Morocco and Tunisia rose to the challenge.


As a result of the positive feedback, both players played at a considerably faster pace than they often do. However, it is unclear at this point if they will be able to play with the same intensity in their second group games after just three days of recovery.


On Tuesday in Group D, Tunisia and Denmark drew 0-0, while on Wednesday in Group F, Morocco defeated World Cup runner-up Croatia.

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