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Argentina as a whole dislikes Canelo Alvarez after his remarks regarding Messi

After Canelo Alvarez threatened Lionel Messi for seeming to kick a Mexican jersey after the two nations’ World Cup games on Saturday, Sergio Aguero said that Canelo Alvarez is despised by everyone of Argentina.


Argentina kept their World Cup hopes alive after defeating Mexico 2-0 in Qatar, and they subsequently rejoiced in the locker room. A stray Mexican shirt was seen on camera seeming to be kicked out by Messi, which infuriated Alvarez.


Alvarez tweeted, “Did you guys witness Messi scrubbing the floor with our shirt and flag.” He had best ask God to keep me from discovering him. He must appreciate Mexico in the same way that I respect Argentina!




Aguero responded to Alvarez’s remarks, saying the boxer “played with fire” by criticizing Messi, a symbol of Argentine national pride.


“You have earned Argentina’s total contempt.” To criticize Messi alone would be like to doing so against Maradona. In a video released on Twitter, Aguero stated, “You played with fire.”


I’m sorry, but I used to follow you on Instagram but have since stopped. I liked you before, but not now.


It’s not the first time Aguero has supported a former teammate; shortly after Alvarez’s first claim, he also spoke up for Messi.


He responded, “Mr. Canelo, don’t search for faults or excuses; you certainly don’t know about soccer and what goes on in a locker room.”


“The shirts are constantly on the floor after the games are ended due to perspiration,” and “if you look well, he makes the action to remove the boot and accidently strikes it,” are both statements that are true.


However, Alvarez was not pleased with Aguero’s answer and responded with a profanity-filled tirade.

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