North Vs South Korea: Qatar World Cup Qualifiers, The Strangest Kind Of Football

Two Asian countries, North Korea and South Korea, who are still technically at war, will on Tuesday go head to head as they seek to qualify for the 2022 World Cup Qualifier in Qatar.


According to the records, this will be the first football derby between the two countries since 1990.


And as it used to be the case the past, the match was either played in South Korea or a third country but this time around it would take place in North Korea capital, Pyongyang.


The strange part of it is that the match will not be broadcast live and also there will be no fan from South Korea, and no foreign media in the stands, according to BBC.


“Football is the most popular spectator sport in North Korea and sports are hugely important for the North,” Andray Abrahamian, Senior Adjunct Fellow at the Pacific Forum, told the BBC.


“It provides a focal point for pride and patriotism. In a sense, it’s pretty similar to how other countries use sports for social purposes”

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