Protest In Enugu As Missing Mbaka Is ‘Whisked Away By Unknown Gunmen’

Meanwhile, DAILY POST reached bent close aides of the Catholic Cleric but they declined comment, noting that the image wasn’t clear yet.


“Today is that the Wednesday programme, ‘E no dey again’, if he don’t officiate, it’ll then be clear that something is wrong,” one among them said.


But a source who refused to be named disclosed that he was last seen yesterday, Tuesday, when he departed to honour a call for participation by his Bishop.


DAILY POST also learnt that following the apprehension, all the youths of the ministry are summoned to the Adoration ground.


The message inviting the youths to the Adoration ground, obtained by DAILY POST read, “Important!


“Good morning friends and well-wishers. Please if you recognize you represent justice and you are doing not want the lone voice that speaks for the poor during this country to be silenced, gather at Adoration ground let’s choose a protest at the Bishops court.


“Fr. Mbaka is nowhere to be found. He went yesterday to answer the Bishop’s call and up till now, he’s not taking his calls. Let’s gather! SSG.”

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