We Are Conducting An Investigation Into The 12-year-old Student’s Passing.

According to the Lagos State Police Command, an investigation is being conducted into the Whitney Adeniran case, involving a student from Chrisland Schools who apparently passed out during the school’s inter-house athletic event.


Parents of a 12-year-old Chrisland High School student, the Adenirans, have made a plea to Nigerians for help in getting justice for their daughter and full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding her collapse.


Miss Adeniran allegedly passed out on February 9, 2023 while taking part in school inter-house games at the Agege Stadium. She was taken to a hospital by a school bus, where she eventually died after being admitted.


It was said that the event was held at Chrisland School without the presence of a safety team, paramedics, an ambulance, or medical personnel.


Her father, Michael Adeyemi Adeniran, pleaded for help to stop the cover-up of his daughter’s death and said that the school had not taken good care of his daughter.


According to Whitney’s father, Whitney was in good health, was completely dressed, and had no illnesses at all. The school bus picked her up and took her to Agege stadium, where the event was being held. After getting dressed, he said that his wife went to the event; however, when she got there, she discovered that her daughter wasn’t among the students participating in the activities. She then started looking for her and started asking students and instructors about her.


“My wife went to the area to ask about her daughter after seeing a bunch of youngsters acting suspiciously, he claimed. She wondered why the school bus was moving so swiftly as she drew nearer. She was able to prove that her daughter was the one who was hurried off the bus when she showed a classmate a photograph of her.

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