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To Mobilize Support For Obi And Baba-ahmed, A Group Releases An App.

Exalt Nigeria, a nonprofit that encourages widespread voting and good government, has released the ObiDatti Wins App to help the Labour Party’s Peter Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed win the presidency.


According to the organization, this combination is the key to Nigeria’s sustainable growth.


Dr. Idu Nwadiaro, the app’s creator, said that it uses technology to let voters register based on their location and membership in political organizations.


Verified support organizations may “create their structure and log in their initiatives by location, from national to polling units, while donors and investors are allowed to monitor and finance projects directly at the grassroots level or on a larger scale, as they desire.” in her words.


Exalt Nigeria 4PO is a location-based meta group of groups that, using its X-factor technique, gathers all Obidients in one place in a single collaborative virtual platform, regardless of support group membership.


Elections are won polling unit by polling unit, and what matters is what you have accomplished, she said. How may many support organizations in the same region operate concurrently toward the same goal? Get in the water, everyone, and create a massive wave that will peak at ObiDattiWins (pun intended) together!


“All app registrants flow into the Exalt Nigeria chat community and, using our rapid repeat model, organize and multiply at their virtual polling unit, from which they will cooperate to turn out, protect every vote, and deliver the victory come February 25, 2023,” the Exalt Nigeria chat community states.


Exalt Nigeria, according to Nwadiaro, is an application that brings together canvassers, support groups, party structures, financiers, and all Nigerians who are calling for emancipation and a livable new Nigeria to effect change.

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