The Labour Party Insists That Peter Obi Will Not Resign For Anybody.

Reports suggesting that the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi, would not run in the next general elections have been labeled as false by the council overseeing the party’s presidential campaign.

In a statement released on Friday, the Obi-Datti Campaign Media office also accused certain unidentified political parties of duplicating Obi’s image on gifts in an effort to portray him as someone who is attempting to sway votes in his favor by inducements.


Nothing could be more ludicrous than 18 people competing in a marathon to choose a prize and someone jokingly proposing that the front-runner, who is already in sight of the trophy, should drop out of the race for someone farther behind.


“It is clear who the guy to defeat in this election is based on the fact that other parties running for president have been duplicating the LP candidate in their corruptly procured giveaways like sacks of rice, posters, and billboards.


“Since June 2022, when Obi emerged as the Labour Party’s presidential candidate among other candidates, the Labour Party and its campaign have grown by leaps and bounds, gaining both domestic and international attention. The reality is that Peter Obi’s performance has become the yardstick by which other competitors and their teams are judged.


“Who should be connected with quitting the contest or withdrawing from it is made clear by the fact that the other parties find it difficult to identify their own candidates with Obi, even without his assent.


Other presidential contenders should have honorably thrown up the towel in an ideal environment where merit and other ambitious criteria are respected,” the statement stated in part.


The media office also said that the motivation behind the news was not unrelated to the goal to divert Obi’s attention from the competition in the hopes that doing so would allow them (those behind the article) a chance to win.


“What those flying the unreasonable and ridiculous kite are trying to accomplish, which seemed dead on arrival, is first to give themselves the false hope that they are in the running to win; second, to divert attention away from our candidate and take it off the ball where it is already glued to; and third, to sow confusion in the public’s minds.

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