PTI Is Being Considered As Africa’s Center For Petroleum Training And Research.

The Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun, Delta State, may be chosen by the Africa Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO) as the regional headquarters for its projected training, innovation, and research in Africa.


Yesterday, an APPO delegation headed by Dr. Taher Najah, Director of Research, visited PTI facilities to evaluate their suitability as a regional petroleum research and innovation centre for Africa.


In order to provide a forum for collaboration, exchange of information, and skill-sharing among African oil-producing nations, APPO was established in 1987. The organization’s main office is in Brazzaville, the Congo.


“We are visiting the PTI while in Nigeria. We are interested in learning more about the institution’s capacity, facilities, and the quality of training provided to trainees in Africa.


The extent to which the PTI can commit its capacity to the planned center, as well as the degree of training it offers, are also of interest to us, according to Dr. Najah.


Dr. Henry Adimula, the PTI’s principal and chief executive officer, claimed that the institute has some of the best facilities in Africa for housing the APPO’s regional training, innovation, and research hub because it has a long history of training in the petroleum industry and has educated significant figures in the oil industry.


He said that the PTI has everything necessary to be regarded as an African regional center, and that its accomplishments and contributions in the oil and gas industry are transparent to everybody.

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