Operatives In C’river Crack Down On POS Agents Who Purchase Cash

Point of Sales (PoS) agents in Cross River are being strictly monitored by security personnel because they may be purchasing money in Calabar. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences (ICPC), and Department of State Services (DSS), among other agencies, are where The Guardian learned that the operatives are from. They have been traveling around Calabar detaining PoS operators and making them explain where they got the money they utilized for their operations.


A tour of the city revealed that numerous POS agents had left their booths out of fear of arrest. Some PoS agents are said to have been purchasing cash from banks and charging their clients excessive fees.


According to a witness, the operatives raided a community market in Ikot Ishie, Calabar Municipal Council, and detained roughly 12 PoS agents.


“They have detained approximately 12 PoS attendants in Ikot Ishie; if they approach you, they will want to know where you got your money from, how much you charge your customers, and where you took the money from.


“Some PoS employees who had the information in advance left their booths.” One of the POS agents who was arrested’s neighbor provided another account of the incident, saying: “She was just here serving customers when three guys arrived and questioned her where she got her money from and told her to lead them to the person. But it is regrettable that that took place. Every time one of our clients wants to make a purchase, they withdraw money from this girl and pay us. They are acting as arresting agents rather than providing cash.


Under the condition of anonymity, several agents accused the government of dealing with the symptoms rather than the root of the issue.


“That is the Nigeria we find ourselves in,” one of the agents stated. “They chose to manage the results of the issue than than dealing with its root causes. Why are they pursuing us when all we do is help Nigerians feel less stressed?

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