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Nigerians Have the Right to Fire Me if I Don’t Deliver – Peter Obi

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president, has said why Nigerians should remove him from office if he wins the forthcoming presidential election.

If Obi and Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed lead Nigeria in the wrong way, Obi stated, Nigerians should remove them from office.


Obi issued a warning against supporting politicians who would cause 95 million Nigerians to live in poverty while speaking at the Support Group Conveners Conference in Abuja.


Obi advised Nigerians to reject the outdated political system in order to combat poverty and debt.



He asked Nigerians to seize control of the nation from the previous political system.


He emphasized that “This is your initiative” while assuring Nigerians of his dedication to the New Nigeria Project.


Obi urged Nigerians to hold public officials accountable in order to stop the spread of corruption.


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I and my running mate, Dr. Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, As drivers whose duty will be to take Nigeria to a destination of peace, unity, and progress if elected as president and vice president respectively in the upcoming February 25th general elections,’sack’ me and my running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, whenever we are found to be taking Nigerians in the opposite direction,’ Obi said.


He criticized the nation’s high percentage of poverty and said that Nigeria had no justification for being one of the world’s poorest countries.


“Poverty is all our nation has generated in the previous 10 years. About 65 million Nigerians were considered to be poor in 2012. It is now about 95 million. And those responsible are requesting an extension of their sentences. To what end?” He queried.

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