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Nigerians Are Being Killed By You In Installments, A Labor Leader Says To Buhari.

Andrew Emelieze, a former leader of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) in Oyo State and convener of the All Workers Convergence (AWC), has said that the policies and initiatives of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration have debased the nation.


The labor leader said in a statement yesterday that protests in Nigeria are now unavoidable given how oppressive the previous seven years of Buhari’s rule have been for Nigerians.


Emelieze claims that things are now becoming worse as people regret electing Buhari to office. He used the present shortage of petrol and the currency as evidence that Buhari is deliberately and steadily strangling Nigerians.


“Under Buhari, our people have been suffocating,” the unionist said. Everyone is tired with, dissatisfied with, and thoroughly disappointed in Buhari, and as a result, our people believe that this administration is cursed and incapable of carrying out any positive actions. The main concern right now is whether a government that has failed in every way can successfully hold general elections.


“The widespread consensus among Nigerians is that Buhari has let down the majority. As if Buhari were the source of uncertainty, the nation has been shifting from one state of perplexity to another.


“Our citizens are brutally murdered due to a lack of national security. Many more people in Nigeria are dying from poverty, and in some instances, suicide has been used as a means of escaping the torment. Nigerians’ mental and general health are severely compromised, and societal pressure is the main cause of mortality there. Many more of our people are left homeless and impoverished on the streets, where they die unrecorded and undetected by the Nigerian government.


He urged the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and TUC to take action and confront the government in order to stop the killing of Nigerians on a slow-motion basis.


“Nigerians have no choice but to engage in widespread protests until the government puts an end to the widespread misery of the Nigerian people,” he said. Rise up, Nigerians, and demonstrate against the exorbitant cost of life, the shortage of the naira and petrol. Say no to higher gasoline prices. Reject the increase in power rates. The excessive expense of life must be rejected. Say “no” to all murders.


“We are all experiencing agony; don’t wait for someone to mobilize you; start planning right now, wherever you are. Let’s go to the streets on Monday, January 30, 2023, and refuse to be intimidated. Everyone has a moral obligation to save Nigeria by participating in this demonstration. The AWC endorses all requests made by Nigerians and the civil society movement to promptly launch widespread protests throughout the country.

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