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Man Is Sentenced To Death By Hanging In Rivers

A guy named Bestman Lekia, alias Bggie, was found guilty and sentenced to death by hanging by the Rivers State High Court in Port Harcourt for the murder of four persons and the use of their intestines as food at a village in the state’s Khana Local Government Area.


In the Okwalie community in the Khana area in 2019, Lekia and other individuals who are still at large are alleged to have murdered Gbodu Nobaale, Etim Ekpe, Nenalebarri Mmeabe, and Loveday Mmeabe. Mmeabe had previously been abducted and taken to a different location where his intestines were used to prepare plantain meal.


Lekia was found guilty of murder, abduction, cultism, and armed robbery by the trial judge, Justice Adolphus Enebeli, who said that the prosecution’s attorney proved his case with the requisite evidence and presentations.


Even Lekia’s demeanor throughout his trial, according to Justice Enebeli, demonstrated that he is a seasoned criminal, cult leader, and terrorist. He decreed that the defendant shall be hanged on his neck until it is determined that he has died since, if feasible, is expected to be hung four times and die four times.


The state prosecution attorney, Chidi Ekeh, praised the verdict as a “hard-nosed” and erudite decision that would rescue the Ogoni people and Rivers State as a whole in an interview with news reporters.


Ekeh said that even though he is not pleased that someone’s life would be taken, the law and the state would have failed if they had permitted the criminal to escape punishment.


He was accused of murder, causing the deaths of four distinct people, as well as armed robbery, burglary, cultism, and conspiracy.


Lekia was the only one detained, he said. His associates vanished and are still at large right now.


“The court has rendered its decision condemning him and ordering that he be executed by hanging until his death is officially declared.


“As a person, I don’t like the idea that he’s going to die, but I’m glad that the government and the law stood up for the people. If this individual had been given a free pass, the law and the state would have failed. Yes, there will be a loss of human life, but society will feel better knowing that the law was able to remove a danger from them.


N O Megwari, the defense attorney, refrained from commenting on the verdict.

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