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In The North Of Nigeria, Cattle Thieves Murder 41 Vigilantes.

Police said that a group of livestock thieves ambushed and murdered 41 vigilantes in the volatile north of Nigeria.


Numerous vigilantes from various communities in the Bakori area mobilized on Thursday in Katsina state to find the group that had stolen animals from a local the day before.


According to Gambo Isah, spokesperson for the Katsina State Police, the robbers assaulted the vigilantes late on Friday, killing 41 people and injuring two more.


He said that Kalashnikov guns were used by the vigilantes.


He claimed that two Yansakai (vigilantes) were injured and that 41 Yansakai were slain by hoodlums, adding that their remains had been found.


He said, “A coordinated security operation is presently underway with a view to apprehending the offenders.”


52 people were reportedly slain in the assault in the Yargoje woodland in the neighboring Kankara area, according to locals.


Idris Usman said that on Thursday and Friday, the police entered the jungle and brought back 52 corpses of the vigilantes in two groups.


Numerous other vigilantes, according to him, were also injured and sent to the hospital.

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