Firm Celebrates The Removal Of 100,000 Plastic Bottles From The Lagos Coast

In its effort to protect the environment, Lagos coast Rite Foods Limited is celebrating the collection of 100,000 plastic bottles from Lagos shorelines.


To do this, a player in the Nigerian food and beverage business funded the riteonthebeach campaign, which has already retrieved 100,000 plastic bottles from Lagos shorelines.


The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative was introduced in August 2021 by Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, Managing Director of Rite Foods, and it began operating in the Lagos coastal areas in January 2022.


The towns have collected more than 100,000 bottles from local beaches to far, and each day before school, schoolchildren are responsible for bringing in 22 bottles, or 1 kilogram, of plastic waste.


74 scholarships and more than 20 employment have been established via the beach cleanup effort, which was led by Mr. Akin Disu, the founder of Popbeachclub.


The initiative is also raising public awareness of how plastic pollution and climate change are affecting the environment, particularly in the isolated Lagos fishing towns of Ilashe, Ibeshe, and Ikaare.


As the typical person consumes 84 kilograms of plastic annually, Riteonthebeach and Disu developed the Plastic Neutral Token, a community-driven social entrepreneurship system that encourages people to take ownership of the plastic garbage they make.

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