Atiku Pledges To Bring Wealth And Peace Back To Benue State

When Atiku Abubakar is elected as the next president of Nigeria, Atiku has pledged that peace would return to Benue State. He is the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate.


The former vice president said that the Fulani and Tivs must sign a peace agreement as one of the steps he would take to guarantee that peace returns to the state.


Atiku promised to reduce insecurity and promote peaceful coexistence between the Fulani and Tiv groups in the state while speaking at a presidential campaign event in Benue state.


In order to become Benue state the nation’s true food basket, he promised to make sure that people may freely visit fields without worrying about losing their lives.


“The umbrella of Tiv people all over the globe,” he added, “I promise you, if you elect me as your president, I will come and make sure peace comes to Benue State, just like I did in 2001 when I came to Benue and forced the Fulanis to sign a peace deal with their brother Tivs.


“Benue State is the nation’s breadbasket, but due to insecurity, our farmers there are unable to return to their fields today. I’ll see to it that security is restored in Benue State.


“I also told you that, with God’s grace, the problem of youth unemployment would be a thing of the past. For this reason, I said in my policy paper that we would allot $10 billion US to provide our youth with the means to start their own businesses.


“Let me also reassure you that the infrastructure deficit you are experiencing in this state in terms of connectivity with other neighboring states will be a thing of the past because we are going to ensure that we vote funding for the construction of roads and railways to ensure that our transportation system is once again functional.


“Benue state has served as a bridge between the far north and the south; as a result, there is a railway line that runs through the state. Although the railway line is now inoperable, I guarantee that if you elect a PDP administration, we would restore the railway lines.

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