A Terrorist Assault On A Refugee Camp In Niger Claimed Nine Lives.

Nine people were murdered when heavily armed jihadists raided a camp in western Niger sheltering Mali refugees, according to a local authority on Saturday.


According to a chosen local authority, the incident happened on Wednesday at a camp in the Tahoua region, which borders Mali and the jihadist-infested country.


According to the official, the incident left nine people dead, one person injured, and six people missing.


On motorbikes, he said, “heavily armed terrorists” came and “opened fire” before escaping back to Mali.


Without providing any information, a security source verified the incident.


Tahoua has been repeatedly attacked since 2017 by armed groups with ties to Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Tahoua is located in a region that borders the jihadist-invaded nations of Mali and Burkina Faso.

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