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Ukraine: Up to 13,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died since the Russian invasion.

The president of Ukraine’s advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak, made remarks that looked to be the first update on the number of fighters dead since late August, when the commander of the armed forces said that approximately 9,000 soldiers had perished.

According to Podolyak on Thursday, “We have official data from the military staff and from the highest leadership, and they amount to (between) 10,000 and 12,500 to 13,000 fatalities.”


More troops had been injured than had perished, he said, adding, “We are forthright in talking about the number of fatalities.”


The Ukrainian armed forces have not acknowledged the number of military fatalities. Podolyak stated that Zelenskyy will provide the official information “at the appropriate time.”


The military of Ukraine launched a quick counterattack in September that allowed them to retake large areas of land in the northeast and south of the nation, including the strategically significant city of Kherson, which had been taken over by Russia soon after its invasion on February 24.


The most violent skirmishes are now occurring in Donetsk’s eastern sector as the temperature begins to cool.


Prior to this, French President Emmanuel Macron and US Vice President Joe Biden, who are both in Washington, DC, pledged to continue supporting Ukraine and denounced “Russia’s illegitimate campaign of aggression” against its neighbor.


The top general of the US said last month that more than 100,000 Russian troops had been killed or injured in Ukraine, and that Kyiv’s armed forces had “probably” suffered similarly.

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